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BOYSSTUFF.CO.UK : HELP THE GADGET have again been chosen by The Gadget Show to collaborate on their programme. The Gadget Show have effectively endorsed our opinion, that the best gaming chair currently available in the UK Market is the X-Dream Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair by selecting this chair for their Birmingham based trials of the Xbox (released 22/11/13) […]

BOYSSTUFF.CO.UK : X-DREAM ROCKER ULTRA 4.1 BLUETOOTH GAMING CHAIR are delighted to herald the arrival of our X-Dream Rocker 4.1 Ultra Bluetooth gaming chairs which lands in the warehouse next week – in plenty of time for Santa to deliver to you!! Exclusive to the X-Dream Rocker 4.1 Ultra Bluetooth Gaming Chair is one of the first Bluetooth gaming chairs to arrive […]

BOYSSTUFF.CO.UK : Dress to Impress

Dark, chilly nights are now well and truly here.  But don’t despair – here at we have a great range of warm, fleecy dressing gowns to keep you snug and warm whilst you watch you favourite movie or settle down for a serious gaming session. You can choose to be a super hero with […] : Broaden Your Mind!!

Anyone who thinks books and reading is boring clearly hasn’t looked at our range of books. No Jane Austin or J R Tolkin here – we concur.  Great as the classics may be we think our range of funny and amusing books will please even the most discerning of literary palates! Choose from a range […]