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Anyone who thinks books and reading is boring clearly hasn’t looked at our range of books. No Jane Austin or J R Tolkin here – we concur.  Great as the classics may be we think our range of funny and amusing books will please even the most discerning of literary palates! Choose from a range […]

Man Of Steel Film Review

The latest Superman movie is finally here and sees General Zod (Shannon) attempting to take over the dying world Krypton, but, in fear for his new born son, chief scientist Jor-El (Crowe) decides to rocket him into space. After crashing into Earth the newborn, Kal-El, is found by the Kents (Costner and Lane) who decide […]

It’s all about the Games for Nintendo at E3

This year, Nintendo decided to downplay their E3 presentation, focusing mainly on their upcoming game releases for the Wii U. The Japanese video game giant announced that gamers should expect a return of characters Mario, Bayonetta, Donkey Kong and Pokemon, although they will not be with us until late 2013 and some into 2014. They […]