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NEW LAUNCH: BRAZEN SHADOW PC GAMING CHAIR are delighted to announce another UK First!  BraZen Gaming Chairs who are the UK’s largest producer of gaming chairs with a well earned reputation for being “Best by Design” appear to have done it again and produced a new product which appears to blow away the completion in terms of price, style and comfort! […]

OUR REVIEW NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN GAMING CHAIRS FOR 2016 have done it again! We have obtained a number of gaming chair UK Firsts and Exclusives in the fast changing world of gaming accessories.  Our objective is to continue in to work hard to be the UK’s number one destination for gaming chairs. Our objective is to offer our customers the largest range of […]


So, most blog posts on gaming are usually from a men’s perspective or girl gamers. But, what about the female partners of gamers, how do we feel about these gaming chairs in our homes and living rooms that we rarely use?! After asking my friends about what makes a good gaming chair, both gamers and […]