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Gaming Chairs: Problem Solving – Gaming Chair Spares So, you’ve spent your hard earned money on your gaming chair. You’ve been enjoying the use of your furniture – whether it be gaming, listening to music, watching movies or a combination – suddenly something goes wrong. will shortly be launching a specific Gaming Chairs Spares […]

Playseat Air Force Flight Simulator Gaming Chair

So you want to be an airline pilot? So you enjoy gaming? So you are enjoying playing one of the glut of superb flight simulator games available currently on the market. Our favourites include: Steep PS4 Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gunship 111 – Combat Flight Simulator Flight Alert – Impossible Landings Flight Simulator Take Off […]

NEW LAUNCH: BRAZEN SHADOW PC GAMING CHAIR are delighted to announce another UK First!  BraZen Gaming Chairs who are the UK’s largest producer of gaming chairs with a well earned reputation for being “Best by Design” appear to have done it again and produced a new product which appears to blow away the completion in terms of price, style and comfort! […]