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Man Of Steel Film Review

The latest Superman movie is finally here and sees General Zod (Shannon) attempting to take over the dying world Krypton, but, in fear for his new born son, chief scientist Jor-El (Crowe) decides to rocket him into space. After crashing into Earth the newborn, Kal-El, is found by the Kents (Costner and Lane) who decide […]

It’s all about the Games for Nintendo at E3

This year, Nintendo decided to downplay their E3 presentation, focusing mainly on their upcoming game releases for the Wii U. The Japanese video game giant announced that gamers should expect a return of characters Mario, Bayonetta, Donkey Kong and Pokemon, although they will not be with us until late 2013 and some into 2014. They […]

PlayStation 4 Reveal

Today has seen Amazon pre-orders of the new Sony PS4 far surpass those of the Xbox One. Earlier today Microsoft was leading by 2.8%, but now the next generation Sony console has jumped ahead, pushing the Xbox One down to third place. Sony, last night, unveiled its new PlayStation 4 Console and announced that it […]

Daily Mirror Christmas Gifting Guide

  Men, are you still struggling to find a present for your other half, daughter, sister, niece? Girls, are you still confused over what Christmas presents to buy for him? Well today the Daily Mirror has made things a whole lot easier for you! Included in the centre of today’s newspaper is an 8-page Christmas […]

X-Dream Rocker : Independent Pocket Lint Review – BEST FOR GAMING

Although not strictly a home cinema system, we had to include this all-in-one gaming chair for its superlative sonics. It’s hefty at 29kg and supremely comfortable for long-term Call of Duty, err, duties, but that’s not why we like it. Fitted with a subwoofer and a digital amplifier, the X-Dream Rocker’s headrest section has a stereo […]

X-Dream Rocker : Independent T3 Product Review are the exclusive sellers of the X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair. We recently provided T3 Gadget Magazine and Website with X-Dream Rocker Gaming Chair to enable them to perform an independent product review and were delighted with the feedback.  The full product review can be obtained from the link below.  However, T3’s comments included: “X-Dream […]