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Man Of Steel Film Review

The latest Superman movie is finally here and sees General Zod (Shannon) attempting to take over the dying world Krypton, but, in fear for his new born son, chief scientist Jor-El (Crowe) decides to rocket him into space. After crashing into Earth the newborn, Kal-El, is found by the Kents (Costner and Lane) who decide […]

It’s all about the Games for Nintendo at E3

This year, Nintendo decided to downplay their E3 presentation, focusing mainly on their upcoming game releases for the Wii U. The Japanese video game giant announced that gamers should expect a return of characters Mario, Bayonetta, Donkey Kong and Pokemon, although they will not be with us until late 2013 and some into 2014. They […]

PlayStation 4 Reveal

Today has seen Amazon pre-orders of the new Sony PS4 far surpass those of the Xbox One. Earlier today Microsoft was leading by 2.8%, but now the next generation Sony console has jumped ahead, pushing the Xbox One down to third place. Sony, last night, unveiled its new PlayStation 4 Console and announced that it […]

Father’s Day Gifting On A Budget

Some Dad’s are fairly easy to buy gifts for, maybe a tie, aftershave or a book, but if you are on a budget this year and need a special gift for your Dad, then this gift guide is for you! You don’t need to spend loads to make your Dad happy on Father’s Day. A […]

Fast and Furious 6 Movie Review

With this latest instalment of this billion pound franchise being released and being a huge hit in the box office, we couldn’t wait to see what it had in store for us! This time around, we see the gang in London after DSS agent Hobbs (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) requires some help as it seems, […]

Hangover 3 Review

  All Wolf Pack fans will be delighted to know that the newest, and final, instalment of The Hangover is back! The Hangover Part 3 sees Alan (Zach Galifianakis) having a difficult time with coping with the loss of his father. With his family and The Wolf Pack concerned, they decide to come together and […]

Father’s Day Competition

Competition Time Guys! Father’s Day….Prize: Rocky Balboa Luxury Bath Robe and Rocky Mug and Cufflinks. As Father’s Day is almost here, thought this week’s competition should be dedicated to our Dads and what better prize than one that you can give to your Dad for Father’s Day. So, in theme with our previous post, we […]

5 Gifts We Would Buy For Dad If Money Was No Objective

We have all had the conversation of what we would do if we won the lottery and the things that we would buy if money was no objective. So in honour of Father’s Day coming up, we have put together this money’s no objective gift list. Virgin Galactic’s Flight to Space – £124,000 A little […]

Microsoft reveals the new Xbox One console

  Microsoft yesterday revealed their first major update since 2005 with their new console, the Xbox One, which integrates TV, internet and gaming all in one. Not only does the console integrate this technology, but also measures your heartbeat and has voice recognition technology that Xbox executive, Marc Whitten, said “It changes everything, this is […]

Iron Man 3 Film Review

  According to Box Office Mojo, the 19th May 2013 saw Iron Man 3 earn a huge £670 million worldwide giving it the status of 15th highest grossing film ever! Following on from the battle of New York in the Avengers, Iron Man 3 sees Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) battling with himself and prioritising […]

The Ideal Father’s Day Gift for 5 Types of Dad

There’s no ideal, one-size-fits-all Father’s Day gift. As we all know, dads have their own individual tastes and interests that require a little more thinking time for an extra special gift for them. However, here at BoysStuff, we want to assist you a little with that thinking, so have created this list of perfect gifts […]

Bank Holiday Weekend Competition!!

Happy Friday Everyone! Friday is officially here and we are extra excited because we have an extra day added on to our weekend and as the sun is shining, we have a three day weekend and we all know that this season is the perfect time for a good get-together and a BBQ. So for this […]