BOYSSTUFF.CO.UK : BraZen Universal Wireless Kit

Fed up trip over the wires from your chair to your TV when playing your games.  Or perhaps everyone has to step over them resulting in them being cracked or dislodged and therefore no longer working.  Why not upgrade your gaming chair to a “Wireless” one with our BraZen Universal Wireless Kit – exclusive to […]


GAMING CHAIR ACCESSORIES can rightly boast that if you are looking for somewhere to buy a gaming chair then there is no place better! We are different from all the other retailers. We offer the largest range of the best gaming chairs at the best prices! We offer a gaming chair technical support line […]

BOYSSTUFF.CO.UK : The Home of BraZen Gaming Chairs

Want a chair that is stylish, value for money and comes with the latest tech?  Then look no further than the BraZen range of gaming chairs.  For the beginners we have the BraZen Cobra and BraZen Cobra Pro. A stylish rocker compatible with almost any device with an audio out-jack.  The BraZen Cobra is best […]