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It's the perfect green gift – and even the packaging is offset! Offset your carbon emissions, support CO2 reduction schemes and learn about how to do more!

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You can reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere in two very important ways - by learning about your personal impact on greenhouse gases and ways that you can make a real difference, and by supporting a range of CO2 reduction schemes!

Everyday activities that we take for granted contribute to global pollution. This includes basically everything we do, but some of the major ones are driving, flying, heating our homes, food travel miles etc.

For every pack purchased 250kg of CO2 will be offset or prevented from entering the atmosphere by direct investment in Worldwide schemes such as Biopower from sugar in India, wind power projects in China and Turkey, and a methane recovery project in Germany.

Information about the projects can be found inside the pack and all are officially recognised 'VERs' (Verified Emission Reductions).



The 'Carbon Credit' Gift Pack contains:

  • Certificate of carbon credits purchased
  • Wallchart
  • Detailed info about the four worldwide Carbon Reduction Schemes that the pack supports
  • Info about the effect of CO2 on our climate, how much CO2 our everyday activities generate, and how to reduce that level
  • The 'Little Book of Living Green'
  • Postage-paid registration card


Current Carbon Reduction Schemes:

Emission Reduction Project in India

PROJECT TYPE: Renewable energy PROJECT LOCATION: Andhra Pradesh, India

Description of Project

Waste water from Sugar Plants has a high organic content which requires treatment before discharge. In India, this treatment usually takes place in a system of open lagoons where organics decompose in the open air, releasing large volumes of the potent greenhouse gas methane. The project has used the expected revenues from sales of carbon credits to implement a superior technological solution, which captures the methane in an anaerobic digester and uses it as a biofuel for clean power generation.

Social and Environmental Benefits

The project contributes to energy efficiency by tapping the valuable energetic potential contained in a waste product. Besides the conversion of methane to bioenergy, organic residue from the project process can be used as a Bio-Compost that displaces highly energy-intensive inorganic fertilisers. The project can serve as a flagship example for adoption of such innovative measures in similar industries companies. The project proponent is highly aware of the company's environmental and social responsibilities and well known for its work for the community. It has for example established a foundation actively involved in education, health, hygiene and rural empowerment, set up a number of educational institutes at primary, secondary and professional levels, a mobile medical unit covering about 25 villages as well as Rural Entrepreneurship and Employment Generation Institutes.



Emission Reduction Project in China

PROJECT TYPE: Renewable energy PROJECT LOCATION: Qingdao, China

Description of Project

The project consists of the implementation of 15 wind turbine generators with a total installed generation capacity of approx. 16 MW. The power generated by the wind park (approx. 30 MWh per year) is fed into the regional grid. In absence of the project CO2e emissions would have occurred by supplying the regional electricity demand from coal power plants. Since the implementation phase in 2003 the project proponents are dealing with financial, political and technological barriers which are considerably lowering the annual amount of electricity generation. Since the technology applied had not been used in China before the project was implemented, technical problems have influenced the first years of operation. The resulting lower revenues have led to an unsustainable economic level putting at risk the future operation and maintenance of the wind park. Furthermore, as a result of the novelty of renewable energy in 2006 lower tariffs for wind power are likely to happen. Following the recommendations of a study by the Institute for Applied Ecology, the project proponents decided to make use of carbon finance in order to make the project financially viable. The project is non-compliant with the national CDM precondition of a 51% Chinese majority owner, so the project proponents are applying for voluntary carbon certification.

Social and Environmental Benefits

The project provides important additional environmental benefits. It improves the overall health conditions by reducing the emissions of pollutants such SO2, NO2 and NOX that would be released by the power generation industry in absence of the project. By representing a technology breakthrough the project contributes significantly to stimulating growth of the national wind power industry. Regarding the social benefits of the project, local employment opportunities were created during the implementation and operation.



Emission Reduction Project in Turkey


Description of Project

The project consists of the implementation of a 30 MW wind park in a coastal region. It will be the first project of significant size to feed power into the Turkish grid. The validation report clearly shows that the feasibility and bankability of this project are depend on the additional revenue from the sale of emissions reduction credits. Though Turkey has recently adopted a feed-in-tariff for renewable energy power generation starting from 2007, it is comparatively low in contrast to other countries, and there is a lack of experience with this new technology in Turkey. The existing barriers to wind energy investment are illustrated by the fact that, although on announcement of the draft feed-in law in 2004 a number of wind projects have applied for licensing, until today no similar project has been able to start construction. The certification of emission reductions for a crediting period of 7 years has helped the project to overcome the investment barriers that still characterize the nascent period of renewable energy in Turkey.

Social and Environmental Benefits

The project is highly attractive because it is the first project of its kind in Turkey and serves as a flagship project that stimulates the development of a market for grid connected renewable energy technologies in Turkey. The project demonstrates the benefits of the Kyoto mechanisms in Turkey, and thus promotes the participation of Turkey in an international climate protection partnership such as the Kyoto Protocol.


Emission Reduction Project in Germany


Description of Project

The common practice for treatment of cattle manure at large farms is to store the manure in large open-air basins until its application to the fields. The open-air storage of untreated manure is a significant source of methane emissions. The reduction project replaces open-air storage by technical treatment of cattle manure in a bio-methanisation plant.

The key objective of the project activity is to install a Combined Heat and Power Plant that will utilise both: biomass fuels and biogas, produced by efficient management of the manure system. The plant extracts methane from the manure by controlled technical digestion and collects the gas in a closed system until usage for power and heat generation in an associated cogeneration plant.

Another objective of the project activity is the technical production of biogas using cattle and swine manure that otherwise would emit uncontrolled methane emissions into the atmosphere during storage. The thermal energy produced is used to heat a vicinal greenhouse for growing agricultural plants (tomatoes).

Social and Environmental Benefits

The project has additional benefits relating to substitution of fossil fuel use by renewable energy. It also improves local air quality as the manure residue has a reduced olfactory potential. The de-methanized manure residue from the plant is applied to the fields as fertilizer.


Please note: We reserve the right to change the amount of carbon offset by this pack, either up or down, in the event of significant movement in the price of VERs (Verified Emission Reductions). These schemes will change as they are completed and new projects started, but of course every scheme will continue to reduce carbon emissions for years into the future

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