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Neon Powerball Gyro

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The amazing Powerball Gyro just got better! Now it looks great as well as strengthening your muscles, with a funky neon glow!

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The amazing Powerball Gyro just got better! Now it looks great as well as strengthening your muscles, with a funky neon glow!

[image:6/zoomin:5]Want a fun way to strengthen your arm and wrist muscles beyond belief? Now don't get any lewd ideas; this isn't that kind of website. We're talking about trying the new Neon Powerball Gyro ? the fastest human-propelled device ever created!

The Neon Powerball is a gyroscopic device that has an amazing effect on your biceps and wrist muscles. When the Powerball is rotated in a particular way, the gyroscope's internal mechanism begins to move at an even increasing rate, and the ball seems to come alive in your hand!

Click here to view the Powerball video 

Your job is to calm the Powerball down using the strength in your arm and wrist ? but it isn't easy. It thrashes and jerks in your hand, spinning faster and faster until it reaches almost 15,000rpm! (Revolutions per minute to the uninitiated.) Once you get to that stage, the ball is exerting about 40lbs of pressure on your arm, wrist and shoulder, and is travelling at nearly 250 revolutions per second! You can just imagine the effect this has on your muscles.



Everyone can benefit from the muscle-building effects of the Powerball. Its concentration on the arms, shoulders and wrists make it an ideal aid for virtually all athletic activities. And this new neon version looks great too. As it spins it glows with a cool blue neon light; so now you can even strengthen your arm muscles in the dark!

Karl Woodward, World record holder for golf driving, is one of several pros to officially endorse the Powerball. He claims regular use of the Powerball added distance and stability to his golf drive ? and if it can help the experts, imagine what it can do for a beginner.




So just how does this wonder work? It's easy. Just insert the hard end of the cord into the hole ? in the rotor of course! Turn the rotor forward with your thumb, keeping pressure on the cord between your other fingers to keep it tight as it winds around the rotor groove.

When around 3 inches of cord are still poking out of the ball, stop winding and hold the ball with the rev counter in the palm of your hand. Keep the string facing upwards, then give the remaining 3 inches of cord a quick sharp tug downwards with your other hand.

The rotor should be spinning like mad by now. Keep turning your wrist ? but NOT your arm ? in a stirring motion. The pressure then increases as the gyroscopic forces begin acting on your arm and wrist. These forces slow you down ? your job is to fight against it and get the speed up!

The Neon Powerball is not only highly beneficial, but highly addictive. Once you've started spinning, you won't want to put it down until you've beaten your last score. Your arms will feel like lead, and it's worth it. Can you beat the Boys Stuff record of 11,362 RPM?





  • Achieves speeds of up to 15,000 RPM

  • Internal blue neon light

  • Built-in speedometer

  • LED window displays and records your achieved RPM (revolutions per minute)

  • Three program functions

  • Auto power shut-off

  • Measures 7.5cm x 6.5cm

There are two batteries in the speedometer. Using the Powerball for an hour a day will give you about three years' worth of spinning before they need replacing.


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I much prefer informative articles like this to that high brow ltiearutre.

Marco Riosa    
Fantastic! I just got it through the post, it takes a while to get used to, people weren't joking! I was reluctant to buy this since I wasn't sure how it stopped etc, but it's very simple; the better you get with the technique, the faster you can get it to go, so if you want slow and easy, it's entirely possible. So far mine's only 8500, but I'm still getting the hang of it. Worth every penny, don't be reluctant, buy it!

Ricky Burke    
The Powerball is an amazingly well built, addictive to a fault, nightmare of a product, It's like a cursed Shamen that you can't ever put down. It will destroy your social life and blister your hands for no other reason than that you just feel compelled to. I defy anyone to try it and not be hooked instantly and in the unlikely event you are dissappointed, the Powerball has a manufacturers warranty for replacement or return for any reason, Bonus!!!!! My Current Record is 14,323rpm Thats 76th on the Official Scoreboard.

What a piece of equipment. It gets you utterly addicted. I have had my powerball over a year and still strive to get a better score. It's worth every penny, and you will simply not believe the amount of help this piece of equipment can give to injured wrists etc. I would recommend to anyone!

Heather Sherriff    
This is a must for Everyone. I bought one for my Son and it was an instant hit with everyone who saw it. They fought over who was next and who could get the highest score. Everyone became addicted even my Father who is 64. I ended up having to order more for other people. Its great fun and is actually good for you. I have a problem with weakness in my left arm and hand and since using the powerball I have gained more power and I have actually regained almost full use again. It is a pretty amazing item. I defy anyone not to like it. I am buying even more this xmas for gifts as I know it is something that everyone will talk about. Dont forget buy one for yourself to.

Got it this morning, was quite shocked when first go I managed 1245. Pretty damn impressed with myself, even though my muscles ache like crazy; I still picked it up and sat there for another 10 minutes. I'm taking it to work, see what some of the scrawny little f**ks can do on it... You haven't experienced anything 'til you've tried one of these babies, make a perfect present for someone :-)

Absolutely awesome! I have had my Powerball for a few months and I am totally addicted. This is one gadget definitely worth buying! You can really feel the effects of use on your muscles and wrist, and it is so addictive you want to keep on going until you beat your previous record, as it spins in all of its neon-ness! With Powerball's fantastic warranty thrown in, who wouldn't buy one?!

I purchased this as a present for my dad who has unfortunately developed Repetitive Strain Injury. I thought this was the perfect gift, and it really is; you can really feel it working the right places in the arm, helping with his RSI. It is indeed fun (and hard) to try and get a top score, but it's also so very relaxing just keeping it at a few thousand revs - the movement feels very comfortable and the pressure from the ball really adds to the feel. Top notch product!

Nick Sharratt    
I bought a Powerball after someone at work had one in the office with everyone trying to set the fastest speed. I seemed to have a knack as I beat them with my first attempt and have progressed steadily now to a smidge below 13,000 RPM. So, yes it's adictive, yes it's amazingly exhausting exercise you can do while still watching TV, but what no one else has mentioned is the LIFETIME warrantee the company offers. I've had reason to contact the company with mine as a careless tagled string damaged the neons which then vibrated like crazy and slowly started the gyro falling apart. "On darn, that'll be expensive to buy another one so soon" I thought, but after checking the web site and discovering the no quible support I contacted them (sceptically) but was delighted by the quality and speed of their support. The company web site contained detailed (simple) instructions on diagnosing the faulty parts and generally maintaining a Powerball and within days of contacting the company with the results of taking it apart I'd recieved an entire replacement gyro assembly. This was fitted easily in minutes and I was back with a good as new Powerball again. When buying one of these then it seems you're buying exercise kit that will last. Just one note of caution - some people just don't seem to be able to crack the knack of getting it spinning. If this is you, stick with it and think of it like a yo-yo where you have to work with it in time...and if you have friends who can't "get it" be prepared to find their efforts very amusing ;-)

This is exelent, takes a few trys to fet the hag of it, buy once you have it, like riding a bike, you know that your strengh is improving, as you have the speed recored on the ballmeter, it will flash every time you beat your own recored, so buy this and get stronger and have fun at the same time, let someone try to beat your score NO CHANCE,as you are used to using it.

Gale Joiner    
I purchased this ball for my l6 year old grandson, who is a pitcher/shortstop on his school's team. I thought he would like this gift as he is very interested in strengthening his wrists and forearms; also he has a scientific curiosity and I believe he will be fascinated by the mechanics of it. Your service is great! I ordered it on Wednesday night and received it in Louisiana USA the next Monday. Now if I can just get his uncles and grandfather to put it down long enough to gift-wrap it...

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