The future of gaming chairs?

People have been leaning with their controllers in-hand since the days of ENDURO on the Atari 2600, just to help them corner just that little bit tighter.

But, only recently with the revolution of motion controls has the entire body of the gamer become a controller in-itself!

All of these innovations are chasing the gamers holy grail – “IMMERSION“.

Bringing the player into the virtual world of the game.

Some wonderful french engineers have set about raising the bar for immersion & gaming chairs all-at-once, pushing them into the realm of simulators!

This Formula1 set-up mimics the g-forces exherted by acceleration, harsh braking and cornering. All achieved by 3 hydraulic pistons.

Attaching the television to the rig helps sustain the immersion, by keeping the view of the game directly in front of the user at all times.

Though this may be way in the future in terms of gaming immersion, we at are exclusively offering the next best thing to our UK customers!



Meet the GYROXUS, Full Motion Video Game Chair!



Though it doesn’t throw you round the room with immersion, the GYROXUS is pushing boundaries for what is possible in the realm of gaming peripherals.

Full motion control gives the user a real feeling of precision and control over their games.

It works fantastically well for racing and flight simulators, helping the gamer tighten their maneuvering precision.

Though, it is not limited exclusively to racing/flight simulators, the GYROXUS functions perfectly well with platformers, first/third-person shooters, arcade and all other game-types!

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