Hot List

This is the BoysStuff roundup up what’s hot this month, from games, movies, hardware and pretty much everything in between. Here’s what’s hot and deserves your attention this month….

Apple launces Mountain Lion

This month saw the release of Apple’s highly anticipated new OSX operating software, Mountain Lion. Twitter and Facebook is fully integrated with Safari now and there is even a cool feature where all notifications from your calendar, email, Twitter and Facebook all show up in the top right corner, which is so good, it makes you wonder why they never had it before.  At £13.99 we also think it’s a steal. Who’d of thought Apple would be so reasonably priced…

The Secret Shop!

We are about to launch a secret online shop, available to our most loyal customers and fans. It’s going to have exclusive offers, limited edition stock and price wise, some absolute steals. Things are still a little hush, hush as we speak, but stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed, the only place where news of the BoysStuff Secret Shop will be announced.

The Olympics are here!

Yes, the Olympic opening ceremony was spectacular, even if Sir Paul McCartney did balls up the first verse of his own song, Hey Jude. Amidst the medley of British music which took place around the rather odd text message, teenager section, we did notice that Led Zeppelin, Elton John and George Michael were absent. A little bit of Club Tropicanna, Stairway to Heaven and Tiny Dancer would have gone down a storm we think here at BoysStuff, but for now, we can only hope that they have saved the best for the closing ceremony.

In case you’ve missed it, we reviewed the LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 game produced by Sega earlier this month. It’s available on most platforms and well worth a read.  The reviewer had some funny things to say – “I’ll take ping-pong seriously when foosball makes it into the Olympics.”

You can read it here

Darksiders 2 almost here

One of the most highly awaited computer games coming out this summer is Darksiders 2. The game is released on August 16th. More dark, twisted monsters and moody, atmosphere. Be prepared for bath-fulls of blood and gore and an abundance of fancy swordsmanship. Keep an eye on the BoysStuff blog where we will be reviewing Darksider 2 shortly after it’s release date. Stay tuned…

Competitions with social media

We are still holding great competitions on our Facebook page and Twitter feed each week. Follow us on Twitter @BoysStuff or find us on Facebook at

TED the movie

Seth McFarlane, yeah him who made Family Guy, is the man behind the film TED which stars Mark Whalberg and looks damn funny. I’ll say no more, but take a couple of minutes to watch this trailer. We can’t wait for it to come out at the cinema…

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