It looks like 2012 will be another year that passes without any really significant games console developments. It is not surprising therefore that gamers are looking to enhance their gaming experience with accessories such as gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs are ideal for enhancing the entertainment experience. They link to practically any device through the audio out connection, so can operate as a cinema chair, music chair or gaming chair.

When buying a gaming chair, the choice needs to be based on functionality, aesthetics and budget.

From a functionality perspective, you have to choose between a beanbag, floor-based rocker, pedestal-based chair, specialist flight/driving simulator chair or recliner-style chair. You then select whether you want your gaming chair to be wired or wireless, whether you want a separate vibration motor and whether you want armrests.

The more aesthetic decisions include choosing the right colour to match your furniture. Then there is the look and feel of the chair, as textures range from cosy leather to non-stick breathable fabrics. Finally the brand can be a key buying decision.

Established in 1999, BoysStuff.co.uk offers the largest range of gaming chairs of any traditional or online retailer in the UK. Here’s the pick of their exclusive models overleaf for 2012.

For an audio and physical experience when playing a game, watching a movie or listening to your iPod, look no further than the Ultimate Gaming Chair (RRP £399.95). This stylish, comfortable chair offers total relaxation and can be used wirelessly with nearly any device with an audio output. This versatile connection makes it the ultimate sound chair, whilst 12 vibration motors make it the ultimate gaming chair. The head mounted speakers, full recliner with footrest and plush leather-style upholstery ensure total music karma and oneness with your surroundings.

Originally recommended by T3 last year, the new improved X-Dream Rocker Ultra Gaming Chair (RRP £299.95) is the best chair available for games, movies and music. The comfort of premium upholstery and headrest is now enhanced with black padded flip arms for total flexibility. High end features of wireless 2.1 surround sound, subwoofer and vibration motor get you close to the action as you hear every footstep, feel every crash, punch or gunshot. While the control panel lets you adjust the volume and vibration levels. Compatible with all major games consoles, TVs, Smartphones and MP3 players. X-Dream Rocker Ultra chairs are easy to set up and can be “chain” linked for a true theatrical experience.

Put yourself in the game with the Gyroxus PS3/Xbox Gaming Chair (RRP £249.95). It’s not just about thumbs anymore, as the only gyroscopic, full-motion gaming chair available lets you move and feel every bank, turn, dive and climb. It brings to life racing, sports, flying and combat video games. Easy to set up and fully adjustable, the Gyroxus includes a customized PS3 or Xbox controller.

As seen on The Gadget Show, the X-Rocker Vision Pro 2.1 Gaming Chair (RRP £179.95) is a truly exhilarating experience for games, movies and music. The full blast of audio, video and gaming wireless sound is provided by two surround sound speakers and ultra-powered subwoofers. Complete with padded headrest and padded flip-up arms, it’s compatible with all major games consoles and handhelds, TV, DVD, satellite, CD and most MP3 players.

Perfect for watching the match, hardcore gaming or chilling out to music, the X-Rocker Senior Gamebag Gaming Chair (RRP £99.95) is a comfortable, portable and state-of-the-art beanbag chair. Delivering crystal-clear audio output through its two integrated surround sound speakers, every crash, bang, beat and tune can be felt. It’s compatible with all gaming consoles, iPad, audio and video devices and runs off mains power.

Hear, feel and experience the action with the new BraZen Cobra Gaming Chair (RRP £74.95), a stylish, state-of-the-art rocker chair with a striking admiral red appearance and sound quality performance to match. Designed for games, music and movies, it lets you experience surround sound in a new way – every crash, bang and bass is pumped through the chair around your body, leaving you wanting more. It’s big on features and small on space – connect up to eight additional BraZen gaming chairs for multi-player mania or fold in half for easy storage. Compatible with all games consoles, MP3 players, smart phones, TVs and computers. The chair is battery powered and wireless enabled should you want a truly wireless experience.

The Stingray Boomchair Gaming Chair (RRP £49.95) is designed for movie and music lovers with its two-way speakers and full-tilt rounded base. Combining functionality with comfort and style, it’s a competitively priced wired gaming chair with a battery option. Easily connects to any games or entertainment system.


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