Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

With Christmas just around the corner, and the need to think of gifts for all of the special men in your family is always a struggle. To make things easier this year, has come up with their Top 10 Christmas Gift Guide for the special men in your life.



X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair 2013- £159.95

This X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Wireless Sound Gaming Chair, which has been featured on The Gadget Show, provides a uniquely enjoyable multimedia experience with a full blast of audio, video and gaming surround sound. If you’re looking for a cinema chair, a computer gaming chair, music chair or the like then this versatile gaming chair fits the bill! A truly exhilarating experience.


Razor E300 Electric Scooter with Seat-£249.95

The thrill of power meets the latest technology and high-quality materials that Razor is known for – in the form of electric scooters. With larger deck, frame and tyres for older teens and adult riders, the E300 electric scooter is Razor’s speediest electric scooter – travelling up to 15 miles per hour. The environmentally-friendly electric power engages a super quiet chain driven motor – applauded by neighbours everywhere! Operated by a rechargeable battery, it takes no time at all to charge it; then, once you’re on, twist the hand grip accelerator and you’re off! There’s also a brake if you find yourself freewheeling (saving power as well!) down a hill too fast.


ION iDJ2GO Portable DJ System for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch-£85.95

If you have a music-obsessed guy in your life then the ION iDJ2GO will provide him with the answer and enables him to enhance his music enjoyment. The iDJ2GO will harness the processing power within your device be it an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone enabling you to DJ wherever you are using the music in your iTunes library. The easy to use multi-touch mixing features will take dj-ing to the next level and enables you to mix, scratch and perform like a pro using the two scratch wheels, crossfader and generous array of bright backlit buttons.


Ultimate Choice for Thrills Experiences- £39.95

For the ultimate in thrill seeking, this experience package offers the choice of 30 exciting experiences, guaranteed to really get the adrenaline going!


Jaeger Bomb Cup-£5.95

There’s always one guy in the family that lives for the weekend festivities and why not, you only live once! The latest drinking game seems to be the Jaeger Bomb. Put simply, it’s a shot glass within your glass. You fill the outer cup with Red Bull and the Bomb Cup inside is filled with Jaegermeister. Great entertainment for any party – the drunker you get the more “fun” the game will be.


Terry Turtle-£12.95

Terry Turtle has a serious problem. Terry Turtle just can’t help himself. As hard as he tries to keep them, in the curse words, whistles, and chirps keep slipping out. As you walk by, or move in front of him he comes out with one of 25 horrific bouts of swearing! And this isn’t any normal swearing, this is as dirty, obscene and nasty as one would hear in the back street of the worst part of town- no – actually it’s even worse than that! Terry is the perfect stocking filler and is always a hit on Christmas day and with its 2-modes has a less obscene, more family friendly, setting. To top it off he moves his head and arms in time with his swearing!


Gemini Classic Football Table-£109.95

This smart & stylish Football Table is perfect for every football fanatics home! At 4 foot long, this would fit into most lounges, recreation rooms or in larg-ish bedrooms. With a pale wood finish, classic red and blue teams, score counters and green table base this table really is the real deal. There are 8 telescopic rods, that control 22 players, and of course, you get a couple of footballs to play with. It’s been carefully designed to ensure smooth sliding pole action, and has a really stable base for when the game action gets a little rough. So even when all of the premier league matches are over, your football fan can still have their mates round and extend the season by playing their own league!


Golfing Wit-£9.95

This little book of Golfing Wit contains lots of quotes and quips that, if you aren’t careful, will put you off your stroke as you meander along the fairway to the next hole. A great stocking filler for both novice golfers and experts alike.


Star Trek Scotty Bath Robe-£34.95

Star Trek fans will be delighted with this Scotty bathrobe, so if you have as self-professed trekkie in your life, be sure to treat them ready to be beamed up!


Laird Title Gift Pack-£29.95

Do you know someone who deserves the title of Lord? Well the documents have all been drawn up, all that’s needed now is to sign on the dotted line. The person who receives this gift pack will be the proud owner of a square foot of the Kincavel Estate, located on the Ardnamurchan peninsular in the far West of Scotland, and therefore becomes the Laird of Kincavel. The title of Laird means “land owner” and is the commonly accepted equivalent of Lord. After everything is approved, they will then be sent a deed of ownership inscribed with their name and their own individual plot number and a detailed map of where the plot is located. Perfect gift for anyone who thinks they really are Lord of the manor?

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