With Christmas just around the corner, and the need to think of your secret Santa gifts for is always a struggle. To make things easier this year, has come up with their Secret Santa Gifting guide.


Budget Under £5

Arse/Face Scented Soap- £4.95

Do you know someone who finds it difficult to know their arse from their elbow this Arse/Face soap will certainly help to keep things a touch more hygienic.

The Arse/Face Soap has a delicate, non-overpowering scent, which considering where you’ll be using one side of it is probably just as well. It’s a perfect fun gift for anyone who’s somewhat hygienically challenged, or indeed anyone who shares a bathroom. Where’s the soap? Yes, it certainly does.



Sudokube- £4.95

This Sudokube is a great gift for anyone with a Sudoku addiction. A Rubik’s cube and the Sudoku game mashed together, creates this little gem and perfect brain teaser!



Desktop Ping-Pong- £3.96

A perfect game to pop up on a boring dinner break, or when your boss is out of the office! This mini version of the classic game includes two bats, one ball plus the all important ne with suction cups to hold it down to your table.



Budget £5-£10

Jaeger Bomb Cup-£5.95

There’s always one guy you know that lives for the weekend festivities and why not, you only live once! The latest drinking game seems to be the Jaeger Bomb. Put simply, it’s a shot glass within your glass. You fill the outer cup with Red Bull and the Bomb Cup inside is filled with Jaegermeister. Great entertainment for any party – the drunker you get the more “fun” the game will be.



Golfing Wit-£9.95

This little book of Golfing Wit contains lots of quotes and quips that, if you aren’t careful, will put you off your stroke as you meander along the fairway to the next hole. A great Secret Santa gift for both novice golfers and experts alike.



Set of 3 Heart Mood Lights- £9.95

If you know someone who likes to really set the mood in their home, these Heart Mood Lights are the ideal way to create an air of tranquillity and romance. The colours can be subtle in daylight or artificial light, vivid at night time or in subdued light. The calming effect is ideal for an intimate soiree, an Ibiza chill out-style evening or just a relaxing night in. You’ll find you can wile hours away simply watching the changes.




Budget £10-£15

Terry Turtle-£12.95

Terry Turtle has a serious problem. Terry Turtle just can’t help himself. As hard as he tries to keep them, in the curse words, whistles, and chirps keep slipping out. As you walk by, or move in front of him he comes out with one of 25 horrific
bouts of swearing! And this isn’t any normal swearing, this is as dirty, obscene and nasty as one would hear in the back street of the worst part of town- no – actually it’s even worse than that!

Terry is the perfect Secret Santa gift and is always a hit and with its 2-modes has a less obscene, more family friendly, setting!



Self Stirring Mug-£10.95

Do you know someone who is so busy they can’t even be bothered to stir their own tea? Well……here’s the perfect opportunity to save them a few seconds a day! The Self Stirring Mug has a small button inset at the top of the handle so a simple
flick of the button and stirs the contents the mug for you! Remember the saying “time is priceless” hence this has got to be a sound investment?



Spa Hot Rocks Gift Set- £14.95

Do you know some who is in need of some TLC? This amazing kit comes with everything they’ll need to have that relaxing and romantic night at home including engraved massage stones, a ceramic candle holder and gently scented candle, ceramic incense holder and incense, all packaged in a bamboo topped gift box!

Stone therapy are renowned for improving muscular aches and pains, stress and anxiety so if you would like your Secret Santa gift to be a real treat for someone, then the BoysStuff Spa Hot Rocks Gift Set is an ideal present.




£15 and above

Diamante Headphones- £15.95

These Pink Diamante Headphones are the perfect present for the girl who loves to make a statement with her accessories. These headphones provide great sound quality at the same time as adding a little bling and luxury while listening to her favourite music.



Pac Man Alarm Clock- £15.95

This Pac Man Alarm Clock is a great tribute to the first, and possibly the best ever, Arcade game!! So if you know someone who loves classic gaming, this alarm clock shaped exactly like the Pac Man is a great choice!

The Pac Man Alarm clock is battery operated and has a snooze feature, represented by a “cherry” button, alarm off represented by a bell button and backlit button represented by Pac Man’s arch enemy the “Pinky”.



X-Rocker Senior 2.1 Surround Sound Gamebag Gaming Chair-£29.95

We couldn’t put together any gift guide without including one of our gaming chairs. is home to the largest range of gaming chairs in the UK and offers the lowest on the web prices. This X-Rocker Senior 2.1 Gamebag is a perfect example of our offers being discounted from £99.95 to just £29.95!

The X-Rocker Senior Gamebag is an ideal gift for any gamer as well as movie or music buff. Hear, feel, and experience the gaming, music and movie action from the new state-of-art massive, 9 feet cubed X-Rocker Gaming Chair.

This new X Rocker Gamebag Gaming Chair will have you pulled right into the action. Experience surround sound in a new way – every crash, bang, beat and tune is pumped through the chair around your body and will leave you wanting to hear more!


Boy’s Stuff

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We’ve been online since 1999 bringing you the best in boys’ toys, even winning the odd award or two. So whether you’re hunkering down for the finest in high definition gaming and action loaded movies, or whiling away those office hours with addictive devices that make your day that little bit more fun, life’s too short to be without them!