Top 10 Sexy Valentines Gifts under £15!

Top 10 Sexy Valentine’s Gifts under £15!


Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day that you dread, but one that brings out the naughtier, sexier cheekier side of you!

BoysStuff have put together our favourite sexy Valentine’s Day gift guide to assist you in finding the perfect gift for your other half, all you need to remember now is the card!

Here’s to you and your extra special day (oh, and night 😉 )


Can you really get any naughtier than this!? We doubt that very much. Whether you want to buy this for yourself to spring a sexy surprise on your partner or if you’d rather wrap up your Valentine’s in this naughty knot and take the satisfaction of unwrapping your very own, extra special gift with just a gentle pull.

Whatever you decide to use this gift for, we’re sure it will make for a very fun evening.


This candy underwear set ensures neither of you will go hungry this Valentines. The perfect gift for anyone who has a sweet tooth, these candy sweets are somewhat reminiscent of the one’s we ate as a  kid, except this time round, they have a slightly naughtier twist.

We’re sure you do not require any instructions for this sweet set, but just in case you do, to put it simply, you just need to slip them on and wait for your other half to eat it off.


The ancient art of love can be learned, perfected and regularly practiced with this sensual board game and rather naughty Kama Sutra Game. Players will become skilled and confident lovers bringing happiness and harmony to themselves, their relationships….and their lives. Plus we’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun in the process!

This game includes a folding game board, playing pieces, love dice and some rather explicit love cards and although care has been taken to produce these with taste and integrity, we should warn you that some may find them offensive.


Get under the covers and enjoy playing with this set of glow in the dark erotic dice. With one die telling you what position to take on, and the other telling you where in the house to do it, you can have some spontaneous and sexy fun with the lights off.

The game contains two glow in the dark dice that when thrown create random, naughty combinations when thrown together. So whether you’re in a brand new, heart fluttering, relationship or with your long-standing soul mate, grab your dice, turn off the lights and get under the covers for a night of sexy fun this Valentine.


Stone Therapy is the age old massage therapy dating back 5000 years which, when heated, work by deeply penetrating the muscles and easing tension. So why not create your own pampering experience for your beloved as a Valentine’s Day treat?  Or why not indulge them after a long, stressful day at work? This is not just a homeopathic remedy – it’s a romantic pampering gift that just keeps on giving.


This Valentine’s Day treat yourself and your other half to an extra sexy bedroom treat. If our Candy Underwear Set isn’t your thing then maybe these satin and lace Kity Heart Briefs are your right up your street. The great thing about lingerie is that it’s great two-way gift that continually gives. So this Valentines, treat your other half to an evening full of sexy fun and frolics.


If it’s a night in that you’d prefer then this Chocolate Massage Kit will be perfect. Create an ambiance by burning the chocolate incense sticks and chocolate candles and move on by treating your lady to a sensual, sexy massage using the kits chocolate body butter. She’ll be melting in your hands.


We all know that our new busy lifestyles leave us with barely any time to have some ‘special’ time with our partners, but with this new Ring for Sex bell you’ll be able to summon your other half as soon as you feel in the mood.

So why not make sure when you are ready to make whoopee that you don’t miss the opportunity, just shake the Ring for Sex bell and make your mating call!


This Chocolate Horny Devil is the naughty but nice treat ideal for any Valentine’s Day gift. It contains 60g of delicious milk chocolate which is large enough to curb any cravings, but still small enough to not ruin the diet. This chocolate is great to eat by yourself or share with your partner.


Why don’t you help your other half out with this Emergency Mini Vibrator, designed for use only in an emergency, this little treasure has amazing powerful vibrations guaranteed to give orgasmic relief. Small but mighty, this little erotic gift will ensure that any emergency receives the appropriate relief.

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