Anti-Valentine- Why It’s Just Best To Stay Single This Valentines

Valentines Schmalentines…

February 14th is quickly approaching, but if you’re already sick of all the romance and lovey dovey nonsense, we’ve got just the thing for you… the very own Anti-Valentine Blog post on the reasons to stay single this Valentines.

So forget love, eliminate emotions and embrace singledom… you know you want to!


No Pressure!

For all of those lucky single ones out there, you don’t have to worry about the annoying gift buying that raises all of those unnecessary questions of what shall I buy? How much shall I spend? Ahh no way all of those questions just hurt our head, think we’ll pass this time.


Happiness Means…

Happiness means never having to ask permission… Yes we know that that there are benefits of having a significant other, the nurturing and sharing and all that other stuff,  but that all goes out of the window as soon as your mate asks you to go on holiday and you realise you need to check with your girlfriend first. It’s not just the big trips, but the small ones too. Want to grab a quick bite or a few beers on a whim? Not so fast; she might have something else planned for you already. And it’s unlikely to include lap dances.


Maintain your man cave

This Valentines take advantage of your big boys toys, spend the day with your BoysStuff Beer Keg Mug, all cosy in your Rocky Bath Robe and utilise your X-Rocker Gaming Chair when playing your favourite Playstation or Xbox game. Hey, what’s being single if you can’t reap the benefits of not having to answer to anyone for at least a few hours on Valentine’s Day!


Save Money

The biggest benefit of staying single this Valentine’s is the huge matter of spending lots of money! No flowers, chocolate or any other gifts, just think of how much you will save! Hey and just think with all the money you save, you can treat yourself to the BoysStuff best seller the X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair! Every cloud and all that…

Boy’s Stuff

Boasting the largest range of gaming chairs anywhere in the UK and a whole abundance of seriously cool gadgets and gifts, the team here at BoysStuff Towers certainly know how to enjoy themselves!

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