The Ideal Father’s Day Gift for 5 Types of Dad

There’s no ideal, one-size-fits-all Father’s Day gift. As we all know, dads have their own individual tastes and interests that require a little more thinking time for an extra special gift for them. However, here at BoysStuff, we want to assist you a little with that thinking, so have created this list of perfect gifts that best reflects the different Dads in your life. So, whether your Dad is a techy Dad, that loves any kind of gadget or gizmo or is your Dad a true sports fan that wouldn’t miss a match to save his life, has the perfect gift for you!


The Gadgety Dad

X-Rocker Vision Pro 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair

The BoysStuff exclusive X-Rocker Vision Pro 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair provides you with a truly unique and exhilarating gaming experience. This chair is a multimedia one therefore its functions can be used to enhance any of your Dads chosen entertainment. Does he love gaming, listening to music or simply watching movies, this chair will surely blow him away!

Compatible with all major games consoles and gadgets : iPod, iPhone, iPad, XBox,Nintendo, DS Lite, Playstation, PSP, MP, DVD players and stereo systems, the X-Rocker Vision Pro we are sure there is nothing this chair will not make that little bit better. Not only offering excellent sound quality with its 2.1 stereo surround speakers with volume control that emits top class audio, this chair is extra comfortable too. This chair truely ticks all of the boxes, so if you’d like to really treat your Dad this Father’s Day, look no further than here.

RC Helicoptor – Apache

This Apache RC Helicoptor really does take remote control flying to new heights. This is a super responsive remote control device at the cutting edge of remote control flight with its 3 channel control system coupled with in-built gyro-technology means that flying has never been so easy or precise.

If your Dad loves his gadgets and you need a gift that won’t blow the bank, this Apache RC Helicopter is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, and with its quick charging remote control, your Dad will be able to play with his present within 30 minutes.


The Sporty Dad

Gemini Classic Football Table

This smart & stylish Football Table is perfect for every football fanatics home! At 4 foot long, this would fit into most lounges, recreation rooms or in larg-ish bedrooms.

There are 8 telescopic rods, that control 22 players, and of course, you get a couple of footballs to play with and have been carefully designed to ensure smooth sliding pole action. So if your Dad is the ultimate football fanatic, treat him to this gift, so even when all of the premier league matches are over he can still have his mates round and extend the season by playing their own league!

Golfing Wit

This little book of Golfing Wit is a fun gift if your Dad is either a novice golfer or if even if he believes himself to be quite the expert and loves a bit of golf humour. This book contains hundreds of funny one-liners that’ll have your Dad and his caddy chuckling down the fairway. So put your best ball forward, tee off with “Golfing Wit” and we’re sure your Dad will get a hole in one and when he gets to the nineteenth hole he’ll have the perfect quips to keep everyone entertained!


The Trekkie Dad

Star Trek Scotty Bath Robe

Montgomery Scott AKA Scottie, is one of the more popular Star Trek characters and this towelling bathrobe with have your Dad beaming from ear to ear.

This design is destined to live long and prosper in the hearts of trekkers and trekkies (depending on which side he’s on). So if you can find it in your heart to enhance the bathroom experience of the first man in your life, then please make it so. Resistance is futile when it comes to a true trekkie, so be sure to treat them ready to be beamed up!

Star Trek Webcam

The Star Trek Web Cam modelled on the USS Enterprise Starship is a plug and play USB webcam which comes complete with an adjustable flex so you can set it up to appear to be hovering above your computer screen – it even has light up engine nacelles and the deflector dish contains the focusable camera.

This webcam is perfect for any trekkie that loves to chat online, and what best than to be talking into the good ol’ USS Enterprise Starship!


The Adrenaline Junkie Dad

The Exclusive Adrenaline Experiences

If your Dad is the ultimate thrill-seeker, then why not buy our ultimate adrenaline experience! The Adrenaline Experience is an exclusive to and gives your Dad the choice of eight experiences ranging from a helicopter ride to dumper racing, this experience is sure to scratch the itch of any adrenaline junkie.

The Official British Army Fitness Guide

Put your Dad through his paces and prove how much a fit adrenaline junkie he really is. The British Army is the fittest in the world, employing tried-and-tested training programmes that are guaranteed to build the levels of stamina, strength and flexibility that every soldier needs. In this official guide – developed with the Army Physical Training Corps – your Dad will discover the exercises and activities that the Army uses and follow specially designed programmes to get yourself to the peak of physical fitness.


The Fun Dad

Terry Turtle

If your Dad can’t resist a little joke here and there, along with the odd prank, the Terry Turtle loves a cheeky word when you’re walking by. You see Terry Turtle just can’t help himself. As hard as he tries to keep them, in the curse words, whistles, and chirps keep slipping out. As you walk by, or move in front of him he comes out with one of 25 horrific bouts of swearing! And this isn’t any normal swearing, this is as dirty, obscene and nasty as one would hear in the back street of the worst part of town- no – actually it’s even worse than that!

Terry is the perfect Father’s Day gift and is always a hit with the family and with its 2-modes has a less obscene, more family friendly, setting. To top it off he moves his head and arms in time with his swearing!

Inflatable Sumo Costume

Really cheer the whole family up on Father’s Day and get your Dad to dress up in this hilarious Sumo costume. Your Dad will be able to transform himself from a skinny string bean to a super Sumo in seconds! If your Dad loves the attention, there really is no better way to steal the show than the Sumo way. This surprisingly comfortable nylon costume comes complete with built-in nappy and a sumo-hair hat for extra authenticity. Just stay away from sharp objects, or he might end up as a skinny sumo by mistake…

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