PlayStation 4 Reveal

Today has seen Amazon pre-orders of the new Sony PS4 far surpass those of the Xbox One. Earlier today Microsoft was leading by 2.8%, but now the next generation Sony console has jumped ahead, pushing the Xbox One down to third place.

Sony, last night, unveiled its new PlayStation 4 Console and announced that it will go on sale later this year priced at £349, compared to the November released Xbox One priced at £429.

The highly anticipated first look at the new PS4’s black box design, which somewhat resembles the Xbox One.  Sony also announced that the PS4 will not require regular online checks or authentication, unlike the Xbox One which requires daily updates, and will not have any restrictions on previous gaming purchases.

This console also includes the PS4 Eye, a newly developed camera system which utilises two highly sensitive cameras equipped with wide angle lenses along with a 85 degree diagonal angle views. The camera’s are said to be able to differentiate between players and can separate the players from their background, enhancing game play.

The DualShock 4 controller for the PS4 has also had a slight makeover, with a noticeable absence of the Start and Select button, Sony have now replaced these with an Option and Share button. With an 8GB of GDDR5 memory, this console is super fast resulting in an extremely fast performance for its player.

So, now you have seen the new PS4, what do you think of the updated console? Let us know your views.

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