Tuesday saw the release of much awaited Grand Theft Auto5.

Claimed to be one of these most expensive games ever developed – costing somewhere in the region of £170m pounds.  Can you believe that £170m just to build and develop a game!!!

Rockster, the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 have added lots more cars to the game and you have the ability to customise them.  Paint, bumpers, spoilers, engines, brakes – pretty much everything.

Our sources tell us that the driving feels much better than other driving game they have played.   Why not think about one of our GameRacer gaming chairs to enhance your experience of this game.

The cinematics are great and fit perfectly with our surround range of gaming chairs.

Our sources have been burning the mid-night oil leaning the intricacies of this new game.  There is something for everyone  – covering all social classes.  Characters include a Redneck, a College Fund Preppy as well as “boy from the hood”.  The game allows you to slip seamlessly between each character thereby giving you the challenges of safely navigating yourself around the dangers of the gangs on the street corners in the “Hood” or hide out in the hills.

The feedback we are receiving is that this is a great game and appears to be keeping all you gamers out there busy, for a few days at least, whilst you navigate your way through the levels as you master the game.

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