BOYSSTUFF.CO.UK : Games that make me want to get a gaming chair.

While most of your mates might be banging on about how eye wateringly amazing PS4 and Xbox One games are looking, it’s easy to forget how good games sound now as well. Whether it’s the explosions of Call of Duty or the orchestral soundtrack of Assassin’s Creed, most games put blockbusters to shame with their sound and you want a proper set-up to get the most out of your consoles.

As you’ve probably seen on the store, we here at Boy’s Stuff love gaming chairs, which can make a good game sound great. From recliners to bean bags, there’s enough choice to satisfy any bachelor or bachelorette looking to spruce up their pad. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t been able to invest in one just yet, but these are the games that have been seriously tempting me to get one.

Battlefield 3

Want your neighbours to mistake your home for a warzone? I’m pretty sure whacking up the bass on a BraZen rocker would have the walls crumbling around you, just like they do in the game. EA’s military shooter might be a few years old now, but if you still have a copy for your PS3 or Xbox 360, then it’s amazing sound design – pulling the triggers feel like a mini-eruption of volume each time – makes it as good game as any to test out some gaming chair speakers.



There’s no feeling quite like witnessing your team score live. Watching the crowd explode into life, pulling in anything within grabbing distance and – most importantly – shouting yourself silly. Somehow, scoring FIFA 14 manages to get as close to this experience as possible without actually being there. Playing at Goodison Park and scoring a league winning goal for Everton almost broke my TV speakers, whereas a tap-in in the 3rd round of the league cup against Peterborough barely made a difference to the volume. It’s those subtle differences that make me desperate to play the game with some proper sound equipment.

Rayman Legends

If you haven’t got Rayman Legends yet, then you’re missing out on one of the best platformers ever made. Think it’s for kids at your own peril, Rayman is harder than Vinnie Jones was in his peak, but you’ll never notice thanks to how addictive and lively it is. Even better, it has the craziest soundtrack you’ll hear for a while, where a Mexican version of Eye of the Tiger is mixed with a castle crashing version of Ram Jam’s Black Betty. If that doesn’t float your boat, then clearly something is wrong with you, because this has the sort of sounds that gaming chairs were made for.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Well obviously I needed to have a racing game on the list, but I’ve always enjoyed the arcade-y thrills of Criterion’s entries in the Need For Speed franchise pip Forza or Gran Turismo for me. Depending on what you prefer, the soundtrack is full of bass-y dance bangers to give speakers a proper workout or tune off the music and just enjoy the sound of a collection of phenomenal sports cars revving and screeching through the streets of Fairheaven City.    

The Last Of Us

I played The Last Of Us at my parent’s house which meant I got to play in surround sound and not the crummy speakers that my TV uses.  So I can say with full authority that if you aren’t playing it in surround sound, then you aren’t doing this masterpiece justice. Whether it’s the haunting guitar score or having to keep your ears open for the disgustingly terrifying sound of clickers, The Last Of Us uses it’s soundscape to suck you into its grim world and you owe it yourself to immerse yourself in it.  

So, these are the games I have that are tempting me, but what games do you have that are begging for a surround sound gaming chair? Let us know in the comments below!

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