At, we know that work – no matter how much you enjoy it – is still err… work. There are days when the 9-5 couldn’t go any slower and your attention span disappeared with the third or fourth toilet break. Whether it’s a cheeky browse on the internet when no-one’s looking or figuring out the perfect England team at the world cup – trust me, it’s impossible – some days anything but the work is good enough.

That’s why these gadgets are perfect for the procrastinators out there who need a little push in the right direction… Or just want something else to help waste a few more hours of the day. We’ve even given you the link to check them out, ‘cuz we’re good like that.

Desktop Skip

On the one hand, it’s always good to have something stand out a little on the desk, but if you use this only for sorting out those stray bits of paper, then you’re using it wrong. And by wrong, I mean think of the possibilities! What I think you really need to do is set it up as a goal and see how many bits of paper you can flick into it. First to five wins, obviously.


Miracle Charger

Who doesn’t take their phone charger to work anymore? It seems like smartphones have a battery life of a few minutes after a few months of use and fighting over sockets is as much fun as a two hour meeting when you there to be seen and not heard. Fortunately, the MiLi Miracle Charger is a black box of beauty from the future. Once you’ve charged it up, it’ll charge your gadgets wherever you are and, as an added bonus, watch your co-workers line up to gawk at how brilliant it is.


Darth Vadar Head Lamp

Not every job is on a 9-5 and if you work at a job where you’re finishing time is “when it’s done”, I’m betting you’ve had a few frustrating nights in a silent office praying for an act of god so you can finally go home. Well, seek out this headlamp, you must, (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Darth Vadar’s 3D head may look cool during the day, but turn it on at night, watch the office turn to the dark side and hopefully scare off any annoying co-workers who you’re stuck in late with.


Temperature Mug

On any typical work day, I’ve been known to get an early morning brew, boil my tongue on hot tea and then spend the next hour spewing more swears than is naturally healthy. So yes, the Temperature Mug is exactly the sort of thing I’ve needed in my life, if only for the health of my inside mouth. Also, I’m not saying you should do experiments with it, but if you did have a few hours to kill, then this would be a great tool for finding how hot or cold different liquids are…


USB Desk Fan

Yes, it’s only March when I wrote this and yes, most offices have air conditioning. But, the summer’s coming and every year I make the same mistake and not realise just how hot it can get. The last thing you want is trying to steal the battered office fan from a co-worker because they’ve hogged it for too long. This USB Desk Fan seems to have the answer, just plug into any USB socket to hand and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere that isn’t paying Kiss radio 24/7. Or just chuck bits of paper across it and see if they’ll fly. It’s your job, not mine.


Boy’s Stuff

Boasting the largest range of gaming chairs anywhere in the UK and a whole abundance of seriously cool gadgets and gifts, the team here at BoysStuff Towers certainly know how to enjoy themselves!

We’ve been online since 1999 bringing you the best in boys’ toys, even winning the odd award or two. So whether you’re hunkering down for the finest in high definition gaming and action loaded movies, or whiling away those office hours with addictive devices that make your day that little bit more fun, life’s too short to be without them!