As you’ve probably seen from the front of the site, have some cracking Onesie designs at the moment from this awesome Darth Vadar onesie to this Quadrophenia design that is in the “shut up and take my money” category. But I’m greedy. Despite the amount of brilliant onesie designs already on the site, I still want more. Barely a day goes by without me thinking of what TV show or film I love should be turned into a warm and cosy looking piece of clothing. And now I’ve jotted them down on this list for you to enjoy!

Breaking Bad Onesie

Have you binge watched Breaking Bad yet? Do it now, because it’s just as good as the hype would have you believe. And what better way to enjoy lounging about and watching Netflix in a meth dealers bright yellow hazmat onesie like the one Walter and Jesse wear in the show? There is none, so whoever is in charge in these things needs to get cracking on making one.

South Park Onesie

South Park is still for my money one of the funniest shows around and the recent game The Stick Of Truth is hilariously offensive, which only made me like it so much more. So, yeah, I quite like South Park and I would give good money to lounge around at home dressed up like Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Cartman… hell even Mr. Hankey! Just make sure there’s a bit of an extra padding in the Cartman one though, for accuracy.

Pulp Fiction

Onesie Now, we can already buy a Tuexdo onesie on Boy’s Stuff and I highly recommend doing so if you want to look sophisticated and respectable while chilling at home, but for when you have to look downright cool? Then I think we need a Pulp Fiction style onesie. You can start quoting scripture to your housemates or just perform that dance, but either way, no is messing with you if you look like Vincent Vega.

Space Jam Onesie

If you don’t love Space Jam, then clearly you don’t know what love is. Space Jam made Michael Jordan look like a good actor, has some of the best Looney Tunes action witnessed in film and even Bill Murray turns up for a bit. So why not show off to your friends that you believe you can fly with a shortened Tune Squad onesie? At the very least, you can pretend you’ve got Michael Jordan’s magical extending arm while Space Jam again. And again. And again. It really is that good.

Walking Dead Onesie

The Walking Dead is the only show on TV that makes living in the “Zombie Apocalypse” seem remotely feasible and to be honest, I reckon a zombie themed onesie might come in handy in the event of one. It’s late at night, you hear a low groan rumble in the distance, a zombie shuffles towards you, but it sees you in your Daryl inspired onesie and knows not to mess with you. See, this could be a practical design more than anything else!

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