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We might have been experiencing something of an ‘Indian summer’ this year. September has shocked us with surprise t-shirt weather and sunshine. Yet, as the leaves tumble from the trees it’s about time we remembered the words of House Stark: Winter is Coming and we best be prepared because it’s going to be a cold one…apparently.

Well we all know that the weather forecast can be a little bit off at times; yes we’re all thinking of you Michael Fish but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. There are a few things we know for definite about the impending weather as true British citizens; it will be wet, it will be cold and it will be dark.

Combating the cold with bedtime apparel

If it were socially acceptable it would be awesome to wear dressing gowns and onesies all the time. It’s like wrapping yourself in your own portable duvet which makes you feel warm, secure and that you can do just about anything providing you have a steady supply of caffeine. Basically they’re perfect for keeping the cold at bay and that’s why we love them.

Here at we are known for our bedtime wear; we have you sorted if you want to go to bed feeling like interstellar bounty hunter with our Boba Fett onesie, we have loads of costume themed apparel… even a giant pink bunny. For those of you who aren’t into fancy dress we still have a host of ‘tamer’ onesies or dressing gowns.

It’s dark out there

You’ve probably already noticed that your probably retreat from the beer garden into the pub a little bit sooner than usual due to the nights getting a tad longer. This is extremely problematic for those of us who clock off after about 7pm from work, even worse for those who have to clock off at 7pm and then WALK home. Beasties waiting for you in the shadows on your route home can include (and are not limited to) vampires, werewolves, zombies, Blair witches, Chucky and Ghostface. Instead of never leaving work out of fear you could just do the normal thing and take a torch for your route home to be a shining portable nightlight of comfort and we’ve got quite a few in stock for you. Heck, we even have one which winds up so you’ll always have light or we have one you can mount on your bike which also records video in case you actually catch any supernatural stuff.

Embrace the man-cave

This time of years is pretty sparse of Bees, squirrels and badgers due to hibernation. We could take a leaf from nature’s book in all this and do our own form of hibernation. Just gather all of the food and booze you need and then kit out your chosen hibernation place (we recommend bedroom for maximum warmth) out with some sundries courtesy of us and hey presto; you have your own man cave which you never need to leave…unless you have work, then you probably should go to work.

It’s THAT time of year

You’ve seen it coming, supermarkets are starting to stock mince pies; soon enough we’ll be disgusted that the Coke Cola advert will air in October. Christmas season has begun… shamefully early too. There is a silver lining to this though; you can be prepared and get your presents impressively before the due date. Luckily, has tonnes of stuff for you to buy which are perfect for gifts no matter the person. From cameras to gaming chairs to anti-bullshit spray, you will be sure to find a gift for everyone here.

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