A recent gaming chair market review undertaken by researchers on behalf of the UK and Europe’s largest wholesaler and distributor of gaming chairs Interactive Minds ( suggests that the gaming sector, and correspondingly the gaming chair market place will continue to grow steadily over the next five years to 2020.

This is clearly very good news for who stock and offer the largest range of gaming chairs of any retailer in the UK – online or offline.

The global gaming chair market is continuing to grow with some very interesting trends and developments.

The global games market is currently estimated to be worth around £110 billion ( according to Global Games Market Report 2015 by Superdata). It is expected to continue to grow at an annual rate of around 8 to 10 % for the foreseeable future.

The largest market place is North America followed by Asia and Europe. It is anticipated that during the course of the next few years the Asian market will grow to be bigger than that of North America.

What are the dynamics which lead us to have such an optimistic view of the gaming market place and the continued role for gaming chairs within it.

By far the largest growth driver in the future is mobile. We see relatively little grow in the “traditional” gaming market – even with the introduction of new games consoles. We are not optimistic for the growth prospects of the traditional retail gaming model. The world is now moving rapidly towards the more convenient digital world.

For example, one estimate is that the Chinese mobile gaming market will grow by 66% in 2015!

With the relative decline in the use of traditional gaming hardware ( ie the shift from traditional games console to digital) is combined with the trend for an increase in social/casual gaming rather than traditional.

A specific genre of digital gaming where we see significant double digit annual growth over the next five years is cloud gaming – admittedly it is starting from a relatively low base.

The specific types of gaming areas where we expect the largest grow to occur are in “e-sport”, gaming video content and virtual reality.

An area of the gaming market place where we do not see any real growth is video games advertising.

It is interesting to note that gaming is now becoming increasingly mainstream – historically it has been seen to be the preserve of the nerdy pseudo – techie. No longer. It is now a worldwide, multi age activity undertaken increasingly by both sexes. Gaming is now not just for entertainment it is moving into the realms of competition and spectator sport.

Often with such rapid changes to a sector come both threats and opportunities. We at see these rapid changes in the gaming market place as giving us more opportunity to promote our market leading range of gaming chairs.  Clearly we need to work with the like of our gaming chair trade suppliers ( such as and gaming chair manufacturers ( such as to ensure that we continue to evolve the development of the gaming chair products we offer our customers to keep them relevant.

Nevertheless, in summary, we see the forecast grow in the gaming market as good news for the gaming chair market place – gamers need appropriate furniture in which to fully immerse themselves and enjoy their gaming experience.

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