It’s that time of the year – you’ve just got back from your summer holidays, the kids may be back at school but term time is yet to start at universities, the Christmas decorations are being sold in your local garden centres, the new stocks of gaming chairs are available and a host of new games are about to be launched! 

If you needed an excuse her are some reasons to take a serious look at buying the perfect gaming accessory that will still be useful whatever game you play and whatever means you use – console, PC, mobile or cloud to enjoy your game – a new gaming chair! 

Fallout 4 

This game is due for launch in November 2015. Compatible with PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s been 200 years since you entered Vault 111. It is assumed your family have been killed in the nuclear war that led to your confinement. Your robotic nanny and the VATS system are there from the past.  

Whereas in Fallout 3 you could change decor in Fallout 4 you can change a whole house. You can also customise your power armour and weapons. 

Forza Motorsport 6 

Due for launch in September 2015 and will work as usual with an Xbox One. 

This games looks to be a big stride forward on previous versions of the game. For example, the game starts with over 450 vehicles which is double the previous number. The track count is also increased from 14 in Forza 5 to 26 in Forza 6. The graphics have again moved forward to be even better than previously which is saying something given the high standards set by earlier versions. There are quality variations which allow you to race in different weathers and have night races. 

Star Wars: Battlefront 

This game is expected to be launched in November 2015. It will be compatible with PC, Xbox One and PS4. 

The launch of this game is appropriately timed to broadly co-ordinate with the release of the new Star Wars film at the end of the year. You could choose a gaming chair to both play the game and watch the movie! 

The game focuses very much on the single player mission but has multiplayer with 12 maps across 4 planets. This game looks to be superb and lives up to the quality you would expect from anything Star Wars branded – wonderful 3D graphics. 

Super Mario Maker 

This is expected to be launched in September 2015 for the Wii U. 

Nintendo have cleverly moved this variant of the ever popular game forward to ensure plenty of challenges with a range of enemies, the ability to tinker and taylor the specific challenges you want to face given your level of ability and there are 100 pre made levels and the ability to download those made and shared by others. 

PES 2016 

Launched in September 2015. Compatible with PS4, PC and Xbox One. 

Much to the excitement of its loyal fan base – Pro Evolution Soccer returns again. This game has made a good attempt at moving football simulation to a new level with improved fluidity, realism and customisation options. This view was endorsed by PES winning “Best Sports Game” at Gamescon 2015. 

No Man’s Sky 

This is expected to be launched early in 2016 – and will be compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One. 

This is an adventure game that will allow you to travel the universe. Your travelling will be restricted by your equipment – ship and Suit. The makers of the game are being somewhat cagey about the ultimate goal of the game but sounds promising. 

If you needed a reason to buy a gaming chair then hopefully you can see that the continued massive investment of Hollywood Blockbuster movie proportions means that an investment in appropriate furniture in which to enjoy your chosen game is an essential gaming chair accessory be you 6 years of age or 66 years of age!


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