Allow me to be cynical – it wasn’t that long ago that I’d never even heard of a gaming chair, let alone bought or even reviewed one – but hey times change!

I am that middle aged guy that was not an earlier adopter of the mobile phone – now just like most of the UK’S adult population I feel positively uncomfortable whenever I am either physically parted from my mobile phone or for whatever reason (eg no battery or dropped in a sink full of water) the phone isn’t fully functioning. I genuinely believe that for serious gamers it is becoming increasingly essential to consider the furniture in which one operates – that is where gaming chairs come in.

The gaming chair market is currently a very small part of the estimated £150 billion spend on the gaming industry for 2015. Various independent market reports all conclude that the gaming market place will continue to grow at a pace for the foreseeable future – at least until 2020. It is our belief that the best gaming chairs will become an increasing part of this mix.

It is our strongly held belief that the composition of the gaming market spend will over this five year period undergo a significant transformation. The drivers of this market change are mainly economic, social and technological.

Despite the doom and gloom that one hears about daily from media output about the perilous state of the worlds economy – the facts are that the general populous of the World are today wealthier than we have ever been. Yes, we have recovered on a global basis from the financial crisis of 2008ish. This means that we as a world populous have more disposable income and free time to spend on leisure activities such as gaming. Hence the market for buying games and gaming accessories such as gaming chairs is growing.

It is interesting to note the recent market launches of a significant number of games, admittedly a number are updated versions of established games, which have taken several years to produce and have taken financial budgets often in excess of many of the Hollywood blockbuster movies – tens and tens of millions of pounds.

From a social perspective gaming is no longer niche – it is now mass market. It is increasingly a global market. It is an activity in which an increasingly wide broad demographic now participates – in the UK approximately a third of gamers are under 18 years of age, a third of gamers fall in the 18 to 35 years of age category and a third are over 35 years of age. Currently more men than women are involved in gaming but the gap is rapidly closing.

In recent years we have seen a massive growth in competitive gaming. We now have professional gamers – the best of whom can earn massive amounts of money from prize winnings and media activities. An increasing number of competitions take place in large stadiums packed with spectators who increasingly treat the top individual gamers as rock stars or top sportsmen/sportswomen. These professional gamers demand the best equipment to enable them to perform at their best – this is another reason for the growing demand of quality gaming chairs.

The technology involved with gaming is also changing rapidly. The majority of gaming historically and today takes place through the use of a games console – with XBox and PS dominating the market. Whilst not predicting the complete demise of the games console in the next five years we do see a fall in its relative importance. With the growing use of smart phones and tablets comes the increased demand and growth of mobile/cloud gaming.

The fact is that gamers whether they are playing on a games console or mobile device, whether they be male or female, whether they be young or old,  whether they be a leisure or competitive gamer need to be comfortable to enjoy their experience. That is where furniture and gaming chairs come in. Gaming chairs are increasingly becoming the “need to have” gaming accessory.

The challenge of choosing the best gaming chair for any individual is very much a subjective decision. Again the factors involved in making the choice of gaming chair often involves a combination of social, economic and technological factors.

For example, the cheapest gaming chair currently on sale in the UK is the BraZen Storm Gaming Chair.

Whilst the price of this chair might fulfil an individual’s economic criteria the fact that it is a relatively small floor rocker which does not incorporate any technology may mean that it fails a buyers other key criteria.

For example, the technologically highest specified gaming chair currently for sale in the UK is the X-Dream Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair.

However, this chair is relatively expensive when compared to other chairs and large in size – so will almost certainly fail some peoples buying criteria

For example, the only PC or office chair currently available in the UK is the X-Dream Emperor 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair.

This type of chair may be within your budget and may have all the technology you require but does it fit in with the social environment in which you play your games?

In conclusion, gaming is now a massive and growing market. Gaming accessories of which gaming chairs are a growing market. There are a myriad of gaming chairs and gaming chair manufacturers out there – the likes of BraZen, X-Dream and X-Rocker being the market leaders – the secret is to be clear on what are the most important criteria to you before deciding on which piece of furniture to buy! Get it right and you soon will not want to be playing your games without it!

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