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The growth of the racing video games market place is a very interesting one dating back to the 1970’s and has seen a plethora of land, sea and air vehicle racing games being developed. Each year sees another significant step forward being made in the graphics, sounds and general levels of realism offered by these video racing games. Similarly the gaming chair market has been developing at a similar pace.


In 1973 one of the first ever racing games was launched as an arcade game – ATARI’S Space Race. This was a very basic offering by today’s standards – it was very ‘clunky’ and in black and white and was a two player game. The next year saw Taito releasing Speed Race – this team involved Tomohiro Nishikado who later went on to become famous for his association with Space Invaders. Speed Race was innovative since it introduced basic scrolling functionality and an early racing wheel controller. This was still an arcade game – no Playseat Racing Simulator Gaming Chairs had yet to be even thought of! In 1976 Taito’s Crashing Race and Sega’s Road Race were launched – again these were a significant enhancement on what had gone before including s shaped rather than linear routes and obstacles to go with the better graphics.


In the 1980’s we saw the introduction of background music and multi-dimensional scrolling for the first time with the likes of Namco’s Rally-X. In 1982 the launch of Pole Position saw the first racing game which saw graphics based on real racing circuits. But – still no Playseat Racing Simulator Gaming Chairs! In 1987 Namco launched Final Lap. This was the first multi-player racing game. In hindsight we can see that this was the precursor to the yet to be launched but massively successful Mario Kart series. The late 1980’s saw the launch of the first car chase games – for example, Taito launched Chase HQ which subsequently gave birth to the likes of Driver and Burnout. At about the same time CBS Sony entered the fray with its offering of Paris-Dakar Rally Special based on the world famous Dakar Rally.


In the 1990’s we still had no Playseat Racing Simulator Gaming Chairs but we did see the launch at the end of the decade of with the introduction of the Internet. Arguably the big developments in racing games in the 1990’s were in 1992 Crammonds launch of Formula One Grand Prix and then Papyrus’ Indy Car Racing which then lead to Nintendo’s Mario Kart and Super Mario Kart games. These games all had clean coloured 3D graphics, quality sound, real tracks, driver/team selection functionality , etc. In 1997 we see a game which was apparently five year’s in the making – more like an epic motion picture – a big budget very realistic racing game – Gran Turismo for the Playstation. This game has gone on to be the second most successful racing franchise of all time with over 60 million units sold worldwide! 198 saw the introduction of Colin McRae Rally to the PC World. Home computing capacity was now atleast equivalent to anything that could be offered in an arcade.


The 2000’s saw the massive move of racing games definitively out of the acrcades and into the home with the growth in private ownership of Playstations, Xbox and PC.

This also meant that there was now a market for specific furniture or gaming chairs in the home on which to enjoy ones games. Hence the rise of the likes of, BraZen Gaming Chairs and Playseat. Racing games are now big business and very popular and amazingly realistic. The developments such as those by Angel Studios (now Rockstar San Diego) in Midnight Club: Street Racing for PS2 and Game Boy Advance at the start of the decade with the introduction of “free- roaming” for the first time are a distant memory.

It will be exciting to see what, BraZen Gaming Chairs and Playseat Racing Simulator Gaming Chairs along with the video racing game market will be offering us in the years to come!


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