So, most blog posts on gaming are usually from a men’s perspective or girl gamers. But, what about the female partners of gamers, how do we feel about these gaming chairs in our homes and living rooms that we rarely use?!

After asking my friends about what makes a good gaming chair, both gamers and non gamers, I found there is definitely a clear divide in general between the two.

The gamers usually appear to more emphasis on the sounds quality and vibration feedback of the gaming chairs. What chairs will make the zombies of the new Black Ops 3 game sounds most realistic?

The BraZen Stag 2.1 gaming chair has incredible surround sound quality and reviews of this chair compliment it’s excellent vibration feedback functionality which can be separately controlled- a must for the soon to be released Assassins Creed Syndicate!

Another superb gaming chair for the lads with the techy needs is the X Rocker Ultra 4.1. It has impressive Bluetooth enabled surround sound and is said to be THE ULTIMATE GAMING CHAIR! It also includes vibration feedback functionality.

Now, the girls! I am talking from a particularly girly group of friends, but, we are all about style. We want the best looking gaming chair sitting in our gaming rooms!

Personally, the BraZen Spirit 2.1 gaming chair, with its touch of pink is the favourite! It is also a comfortable chair on a pedestal that is great when used to watch TV or even at a desk whilst not gaming. A great gaming chair to watch Trainwreck on DVD that is out this week!

Another favourite is the X Rocker Saturn 2.1. This gaming chair is ideal because it is a floor rocker which takes up less room but is still adult sized and has silver speakers on the side- really easy on the eye! It stands out for its sleek design and it is foldable, perfect for when tidying away! Obviously one of the most important thing is the price! This gaming chair is very moderately priced especially when you take note of the incredible sound quality!


There doesn’t always have to be a trade off between style and specification when choosing a game chair! Many of the chairs around now are of sleek design with incredible sound quality.

Happy gaming!

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