BraZen Gaming Chairs – Best Gaming Chair Review

The Team at BraZen Gaming Chairs are delighted with the range of furniture we have assembled for our prospective customers for 2017.

As an organisation we are committed to producing value for money product which is “By Design, Best in Class”. The is a continual process, a journey…….there is no ultimate destination. The World of gaming is an ever changing place. We are constantly listening to our customers and following the changes which take place in our chosen market place and seeking to adapt our furniture offering to best meet our customers needs.

BraZen Gaming Chairs are now available in more countries than ever before. We of course have our core market of the UK where our products are sold by the top retailers such as Game, Tesco, Argos, Very, and We have secured deals with other retailers/distributors in other European countries as well as far a field countries such as Indonesia and Philippines. The likes of Indonesia and Philippines are early stage markets for gaming chairs – these countries have a large number of gamers but until recently were not given the option to buy specialist gaming furniture. The only previous availability was to buy gaming chairs very expensively over the internet and import the individual item at great expense and inconvenience from the likes of the USA. We are very optimistic that 2017 will see a greater number of countries having the option to source BraZen Gaming Chairs locally.

The 2017 range of gaming chairs we sincerely believe is the best range we have ever assembled. The range is designed to cater for both the PC Gamer and the Console Gamer. The chairs are designed to cater for the young and the more mature gamer. The chair range gives the options to have the option of an integrated quality sound system or just by a piece of furniture for maximum gaming comfort. The BraZen Gaming Chair range is also designed to cater for a wide range of budget.

The 2017 RANGE:

BraZen Shadow Pro PC Gaming Chair – Black/Red


BraZen Shadow Pro PC Gaming Chair – Black/Blue


BraZen Shadow Pro PC Gaming Chair – Black/White

ShadowPROWhite-NSBraZen Shadow PC Gaming Chair – Black/Red

BraZenShadowRedSide300x300BraZen Shadow PC Gaming Chair – Black/Blue

BraZenShadowBlueSide300x300BraZen Shadow PC Gaming Chair – Black/White


BraZen Sabre 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair

BraZenSabreSide1BraZen Stag DUO 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair


BraZen Spirit DUO 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair

BraZenSpiritDuoBraZen Stealth 4.1 Bluetooth PC Surround Sound Gaming Chair


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