The search for any piece of furniture is ultimately a very personal and subjective decision. The reason for the wide variety of choice of PC Racing/Office Chairs available on the market is because we all have slightly different preferences and manufacturers are attempting to cater for all options.

The purpose of this article is for the buying team at to give you some insight into our subjective opinion on what we consider to currently be the best available PC Racing or Office Gaming Chairs on the UK market.

In summary:


1. BraZen Shadow PRO PC Gaming Chair


2. BraZen Shadow PC Gaming Chair


. AK Racing K7200 PC Gaming Chair


4. Nitro Concepts C80 Motion Series PC Gaming Chair

C80NitroConcept-Blackand Orange-1

5. BraZen Stealth 2.0 Bluetooth Surround Sound PC Gaming Chair


Our experience of selling gaming chairs the general criteria in order of importance that people buying a gaming chair have are:

PRICE: each person has their own perception of value and specifically the value they choose to attach to the gaming chair they choose to buy. This will of course in itself not be an uncomplicated decision process but will be a combination of an individuals spending power; the amount of use they expect to make of the chair (ie the importance of gaming in the individuals
life) etc. Individuals when they start their search for a new gaming chair purchase will have a pre-conceived assessment of the value they will be prepared to pay. This usually get slightly amended upwards during the buying process as increased knowledge of the functionality available results in persons identifying some features that are attractive to them.

BRAND: this year more than ever their are a wide range of brands available to choose from. By market share in the PC Gaming Chair market the main brands are DX Racer (Chinese), BraZen (British) and X-Rocker (USA). There are a number of less significant players in the market including Noble/Nitro PC Gaming Chairs (German) and AK Racing/Arozzi (Swedish).

DX Racer – effectively a Chinese brand who in our opinion are very good at marketing compared to their competitors but not so clever on product quality. They are also the longest established pc gaming chair supplier. It is our opinion that you therefore get less chair for your money than other manufacturers – as more money appears to be invested in marketing than the features of the chair. The facts are that certainly in 2016 DX Racer had issues complying with the very strict Fire Retardancy Rules the UK have. We can categorically state that when we made purchases of DX Racer chairs in the UK these were illegal – being non compliant with UK fire regulations. We can confirm that we contacted DX Racer to advise them of this anomaly. We can also confirm that numerous requests by us to obtain appropriate health and safety certificates were first ignored, then we were sent certificates which DX Racer claimed to prove compliance but upon inspection proved otherwise and then having messed us about DX Racer then effectively admitted in writing that they knew they were selling chairs illegally to the UK market and requested our assistance to remedy the situation. We were happy to help them where we could but would not deal with trading illegal product – especially when one considers the potential implications such as the recent tragic events of Grenfell Tower fire in London. Needless to say DX Racer don’t like for standing up for the UK customer and now appear to give us the “cold-shoulder”. Hence we do not currently sell DX Racer and cannot vouch for the quality of product currently being sold in the UK. Based on our experience we think DX Racer gaming chairs are best avoided! This is possibly the reason why the major retailers of gaming chairs in the UK – being ourselves, Argos, Currys, Very etc do not currently stock DX Racer.
BraZen PC Racing Gaming Chairs: BraZen is a British brand of gaming chairs.

We can confirm that BraZen gaming chairs to the best of our knowledge do comply with the very strict UK Furnishing Regulations. A big plus from our perspective is that BraZen Gaming Chairs are very customer centric. BraZen offer an excellent Aftersales Service. They offer free technical support.
They also hold in the UK stocks of spare parts for the chairs should post purchase problems with the product arise. The BraZen brand boast is that their product is “by design, best in class”. In our opinion this is not an unreasonable claim – the BraZen gaming chairs experience relatively low rates of manufacturing faults and return rates which suggests that quality control at their factories is spot on. In addition – the chairs in our opinion are excellent value for money. Good quality at a fair price. It is therefore interesting to note that other professional buyers of gaming chairs have come to the same conclusions as ourselves – a fact is that BraZen PC Gaming Chairs can currently be bought at more major UK retailers than any other brand in addition to the likes of Tesco, Argos, Game, Very, Amazon, Wayfair, etc all sell BraZen branded product. The BraZen PC Gaming Chair Range covers the full spectrum of gaming chair buyer – BraZen Shadow PC Gaming Chair is their entry level offering; – BraZen Shadow Pro PC Gaming Chair is their mainstream offering and; BraZen Sultan Elite PC Gaming Chair is the over-sized high specification high end offering. BraZen also offer a technically advanced Bluetooth Sound Stealth Range of PC Gaming Chairs. This chair is unique in that it is both capable of being mains and battery powered and is a fantastic price.

X-Rocker PC Gaming Chairs is a USA branded product. X-rocker are relatively new players in the PC Gaming Chair market. X-Rocker, along with BraZen, have been significant players in the sound gaming chair market focussed on customers who want furniture compatible with their X-box or PlayStation games console for some time. Their PC gaming Chair offering is relatively expensive compared to the other chairs available on the market at this moment in time due to their business model which usually involves both paying monies to a UK distributor and effectively a licence fee to the American holding company.

The Arozzi and AK brands of PC gaming chair are both variants of a Swedish based company who to the best of our knowledge have all their products made in China. These chairs are like BraZen are well designed and engineered.
Their business model involves paying a margin to a UK distributor which again means that the chairs are slightly more expensive than some of their competitors. These chairs have not currently been stocked by major high street retailers and are mainly sold via a network of online retailers. We are not aware of how to obtain any replacement parts in the UK.

The Nitro and Noble brands of gaming chairs are owned by Caseking – a German company. Caseking have a UK distributor/retailer who trade as Overclockers.
These chairs are all manufactured in China. In our opinion they look good and are economically very comfortable. These chairs have a relatively low return rate like BraZen but are relatively expensive. In our opinion the Noble range of prices is excessive for the value delivered. These chairs have not currently been stocked by major high street retailers and are mainly sold via a network of online retailers. Replacement spares when available are relatively expensive.

COMFORT: at the end of the day a PC Gaming Chair is a piece of furniture that needs to be comfortable to sit in. To be fair to all the brands of chairs discussed above their is very little to discriminate between the chairs ergonomically. They are all generally well designed to meet the needs of the average gamer. When choosing a gaming chair the key things to look for are things like;

– the quality of the gas lift. If you are an average or above sized average adult the gas lift quality will be important. You require a minimum of a Class 3 gas lift and preferably a Class 4. The gas lift quality is important in order to enable the chair to adjust and maintain different heights.


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