Caring For Your Gaming Chair!

It is stating the obvious but the better you care for your gaming chair the longer it lasts!

It is also stating a fact that on rare occasions things will go wrong with gaming chairs that are not the fault of the gamer – ie a manufacturing fault. If it is a manufacturing fault and you are still within warranty then you should politely contact your retailer for assistance. Rest assured that being polite, honest and assertive will more likely reap the response you desire from the retailer rather than the of ill informed legal threats or moronic emotional outbursts. You will then be entitled to the repair, replacement and in very rare occasions a refund. 

At we are the largest specialist retailer of gaming chairs in the UK. We have detailed knowledge of the gamer experiences that gamers have with their gaming chairs. The vast majority of issues are down to a lack of care by the gamers. Here are a few tips to assist you:


Keeping the upholstery on the chair clean will keep it looking good. Whether you have a leather, PU or fabric mesh covering on your gaming chair will ultimately determine what is the best commercially available cleaning product for your chair but in the majority of cases a damp cloth (whilst not connected to a mains supply) will suffice. It is very very rare that damage to upholstery is ever a warranty claim issue, it is almost exclusively down to miss use. 


Most of the gaming chairs sold in the UK come in self assembly packs. It is good practise to keep to hand the tools which came with your chair so that on a regular basis you can check that the bolts are not loosening under use. This is both a gaming chair performance issue and a health and safety issue. 


As suggested by the name armrests are not designed to be excessively load baring. You will damage your gaming chair if you apply too much force to the armrests. Never sit on the chair arms and when sitting down and getting up out of the chair don’t put excessive load baring weight on the arms to avoid damage. It is very rare that arms break due to anything other than miss use.


If you have a gaming chair that has castors it is good practise to periodically check that the castors are clean and moving freely. Occasionally over time castors can get clogged with debree and cease to operate effectively which will adversely effect performance of the chair and may cause damage to the flooring. You should also be carful when moving your chair which has castors. Most castors are made from relatively hard brittle materials like nylon. The castors or the star base will potentially shatter if the chair is dropped onto a hard surface. Again this is invariably not a manufacturing fault but lack of care by the gaming chairs user.

Metal base

Many sound gaming chairs have a metal disc base. A simple swipe with a damp cloth will keep the disc base clean. Most of the disc bases have a rubber rim to help protect flooring from being scratched by the metal base. It is wise when moving the chair from one place to another to lift the chair rather that drag. If you drag the chair there is a good chance you will displace the protective rubber rim. Again this is miss use not a manufacturing fault. It is obviously the gamers sole responsibility to use the gaming chair in a manner and location which doesn’t cause damage to flooring (eg scratches to wooden tile, etc). No retailer is going to be liable for damaged flooring caused by a gaming chair – it is the responsibility of the gamer to protect flooring as appropriate (eg use a mat).

 Gas lift/Piston

Office style gaming chairs rely on a gas lift or piston stem to enable the chair to lift up and down. Clearly, if the piston fails during the warranty period it should be replaced by the retailer/manufacturer provide it has not resulted from the use of excessive force. Most chairs will have a recommended maximum weight which should not be exceeded to avoid structural issues with the chair. One thing is for sure – if you keep your gaming chair for a number of years then eventually the piston will need replacing. The first symptom of this problem is when the chair starts to go lower of its own accord. At this stage it is sensible to prolong the life of your gaming chair and save the resources of the planet by simply buying a replacement gas lift.


The majority of sound chairs are powered by mains power (hence a power adapter and lead) and hardwired to the tv to which the games console is connected (hence audio cables). Care should be taken to protect the well-being of all cables particularly when not in use. We are aware of many occasions when gamers use of the chair is impaired because cables have been lost or damaged. However, rest assured that it is not a fatal crisis as replacement cables are readily available.

In summary, to get the most enjoyment and value from your gaming chair – look after it!


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