Making the Perfect Gaming Set Up

Making the Perfect Gaming Set Up

At – the “home of the man cave” we ponder daily about how to improve the work life balance. Ok – we ponder daily about how to do less work and live more life!

 We decided to turn our creative juices to the challenge of making the perfect gaming set up. We decided there were two approaches to this task one for the professional where gaming is “work” and one for the hobbyist where the objective is to enhance “life”.

 WORK – the serious stuff

The perfect gaming set up for the serious gamer is all about making those incremental steps which at the highest level of gaming make the small margins which determine success or not.

The perfect gaming set up commences with getting yourself in the best physical and mental condition to perform at your best. This involves the obvious stuff of getting the right balance of sleep, diet and exercise.

The next stage is equipment. This is where you need the optimal configuration of hardware and software.

Lastly, its about practise practise and practise ……, work work!

LIFE – the

Now this is more like us. Its all about making gaming a more enjoyable experience. Our approach is more about capturing the Olympian ethos that it is the taking part that counts, its not a win at all costs approach.

Firstly, make sure the fridge is topped up with your favourite beverage – you don’t want to interrupt the gaming to run to the shops if the beer runs out – crisis! Make sure you get your takeaway order sorted before closing time – the big decision is Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc!

Having ensured that the body is well nourished it is now important to ensure that it will be comfortable. Make sure that you have a comfortable gaming chair to sit in – a BraZen Gaming Chair normally sorts that problem.

Having had a drink or two, eaten your takeaway until your belly aches it is now time to test out the comfort of your gaming chair. The choice then is to slumber and dream about gaming or to actually play. Such is life!


Boy’s Stuff

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