BraZen Esports Pro New Ranges; Gaming Accessories to Perfect Your Setup

Our partner BraZen Gaming Chairs has recently launched a variety of gaming accessories to complete a full setup of a BraZen gaming room.  This has proven just how connected the brand is with their consumers. The launch of these new products have been a response to the growing demand for high-quality gaming accessories, from a gaming table to a floor mat, in order to complement their consumers’ gaming experience.

Their new products include BraZen Esports PRO RGB Gaming Headphones, BraZen Esports PRO RGB Gaming Mouse, BraZen Esports PRO Gaming Floor Mat, & BraZen Esports PRO Gaming Table Mat.

The BraZen Esports PRO RGB Gaming Headphones is customised to enable gamers to feel truly immersed in their game without experiencing noisy distractions. It’s also more suited to general chatting and listening to music, as it comes with a noise-cancelling microphone and allows for volume adjustment so that listening to music and talking with friends doesn’t have to come at a high cost.

Meanwhile, the BraZen Esports PRO Gaming Mouse boasts a tailored shape to allow your hand to sit on it comfortably. This helps to reduce the likelihood of cramping as well as giving you access to better grip, both of which are essential to a successful gaming session.

Finally, the BraZen Esports PRO Desk Mat and BraZen Esports PRO Floor Mats are designed to enhance gaming experience by providing high-quality comfort both to the gamer’s hands and feet. BraZen do this by producing Mats with the perfect balance of a bespoke rubber bottom and fabric surface, therefore increasing their durability without compromising your relaxation.

As always, the BraZen Esports Pro Gaming range are sleek, stylish and made with no compromise: qualities to meet Esports standards. And if you wish to perfect your gaming setup with BraZen, you should be pleased to know that we offer the best price online.

So… hurry up whilst stocks last!

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