Lockdown Covid-19: Just A Quick Hello From Us

A 3-week lockdown extension has been announced recently. How are you Gamers holding up?

The extension of self-isolation might have made you all feel frustrated, which is totally understandable. We truly empathise with everyone who feel frustrated at being stuck at home and unable to go outside. However, from a different perspective, we will come out of lockdown as better versions of ourselves for having endured this uncertain period and, perhaps, found new interests. And you, Gamers, are probably the pre-existing community that survives this isolation best.

Gamers, who are often dismissed as loners or pyjama-wearing dwellers, are used to spending your time in an online world and building your communities and social interactions there. In fact, you have probably, unintentionally, been practising social distancing so that non face-to-face interaction is no longer something new to you. So, hang in there and keep yourself busy.

As such, we wanted to shed some light on some of the positive things that have kept us motivated throughout lockdown. For instance, plenty of new apps and new games have been released on different platforms which means there is a range of games to choose from, regardless of your device and/or preferred genre. Alternatively, to stay social, interactive online apps with friends are recommended. The list below by the Telegraph suggests the best interactive apps during this lockdown:

  • Houseparty – it offers a way to hang out and party with friends while cooped up at home.
  • Facebook Gaming – it offers a way to play games with contacts or more than 2 billion Facebook users.
  • Classic board game apps – almost all classic board games have an online equivalent, often with identical gameplay adapted for playing on tablets and phones.
  • Words With Friends 2 – essentially a Scrabble clone built for phones that comes with an interface designed for interacting online.
  • Quiz Up – the biggest trivia app in the world features 1,200 topics containing more than 600,000 questions to challenge people on everything from general knowledge to basic maths problems

It is worth having a go on them. Our choice is the Quiz Up: it’s surprising how much you can learn whilst having fun playing this game!

The isolation has brought people worldwide to come together in unity too. In the gaming world, although video games were already popular, gamers everywhere are connecting to discuss different games and their journey in playing them. As you may have already seen, Animal Crossing is hugely popular at the moment and people from all around the world have shared their opinions on Twitter and other social media platforms. It is inspiring to see so many people find comfort in a common denominator when the world may feel uncertain. You may be one of them.

With all the extra time you have on your hands, now may be the perfect time to try things you normally would not have had the time to before, whether it’s completing 100% of your current in-game adventure or even brushing up on the games you’ve forgotten about! Whatever your choice may be, remember that it is important to take regular breaks and stay hydrated to avoid injuring yourself. Although, injuring yourself is less likely to occur when you are equipped with the right gear.

Talking about right gear, you may want to browse around our new collection. We always have something for you. Check our newest range from BraZen Gaming, BraZen Salute PC Gaming Chair and BraZen Sentinel Elite PC Gaming Chair. The stocks are limited, and the majority of our products are selling quickly.

There isn’t a better time to play a long gaming session without feeling guilty than now is there? So, why not upgrade your gaming setup with something that will cheer you up in this gloomy, isolated period?

Finally, as suggested by the government and medical professionals, we are urged to stay at home. So for those of you who like to sink yourselves into gaming these days, you would be considered a literal lifesaver.

In accordance with the government’s guidelines, we have sent our staff to work from home too. Consequently, there will be nobody in the office to answer your phones. But please don’t worry, you can still reach us through our email at customercare@boysstuff.co.uk. Alternatively, you can also contact our social media accounts to address your queries. We are still here doing our best to support you.

Remember, this uncertainty won’t last forever. Stay home, stay safe, healthy and game responsibly with regular breaks. Happy Gaming!

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