Our currently-popular chair BraZen Sentinel Elite PC Gaming Chair is one of reviewer’s favourite.

British-owned BraZen Gaming Chairs thrives after receiving excellent reviews from two trusted entertainment blogs: TheSixthAxis and




TheSixthAxis and reviewed BraZen’s Sentinel Elite PC Gaming Chair, and both sites highlighted the Sentinel’s ability to provide an immense level of comfort throughout its use. For instance, TheSixthAxis summarised the Sentinel as “heaven for your buttocks and back”, while reiterated the “very comfortable experience” they had when using the chair. It is not surprising that the Sentinel received such high praise for its comfort features; the Sentinel’s additional cushions provide fantastic support for both long gaming sessions, or a more relaxed play.

Another characteristic of the Sentinel which has piqued the interests of TheSixthAxis and is its reasonable price tag. The Sentinel is priced under £200 and although this may sound expensive, it is value for money when compared against BraZen’s competitors. The chair is heavy and mirrors a throne. Not only does this serve as an indication of the high-quality materials incorporated by BraZen, it is also durable and promises a long lifespan.

Alongside this, the Sentinel offers plenty of room to sit in. is especially enthusiastic about the gaming chair’s ability to offer “plenty of support” by “keeping your position centred without ever feeling as though you’re being squeezed in”. Meanwhile, TheSixthAxis notes that the Sentinel is a “beast of a chair”. BraZen has truly succeeded in producing a gaming chair that supplies comfort and space regardless of whether you’re working at a desk or playing your favourite video game.

In essence, BraZen’s Sentinel Elite PC Gaming Chair is the ideal all-rounder for those who want a chair that can easily be used for working or gaming, but at an affordable price. And the best news is, we have them in stocks.

So.. hurry up, whilst stocks last!

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