Acre of Land on Venus

Acre of Land on Venus

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So earth is basically all sold out – so where does one look next for land investment? To some of the hottest property in the solar system – Venus!

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Space land is being snapped up by the acre so don't you think its time your got in on it? This great gift comes will all the deeds you'll need to pinpoint where your land is located, the mineral rights you your land (mining should be easy! With an incredibly hot surface many minerals are already liquid, and some even rain out of the sky!)

Thanks to a bizarre law passed in America (where else?) you can now actually buy land on Venus by the acre – and yes, Venus is owned by the same people who were clever enough to claim the moon as their own. And considering the combination of advancements in space exploration technology and high property prices on this planet, this could be a major bargain. Where else are you going to find an acre of land so cheap? And as an added bonus, Venus is closer than Earth to the Sun, so if you do decide to make the move, you can say goodbye to cold winters at last.

As the book says, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus', which makes this an ideal gift for a special lady in your life – a chunk of land on her home planet should please any girl. Or alternatively, you could buy it for yourself; if Venus really is where women come from, there must be dozens of them per acre…

Venusian Deeds make fantastic and unique presents for family and friends of all ages. Each set includes the declaration of ownership, which confirms you own an acre of land on Venus and tells you whereabouts on the planet it is according to the recognised Venusian chart. You also get a Venusian Map so you can see your land for yourself, a copy of the Venusian Constitution, Personalisation and Registration information, and Mineral Rights – so if astronauts ever discover Venus houses gold or diamond mines, you'll be quids in!



  • Venusian Deed with confirmation of transfer of ownership from Venus's Celestial Ambassador to the United Kingdom to you, or whoever you choose to give the plot to, plus the co-ordinates of your plot.
  • The Venusian Map.
  • Confirmation of Mineral Rights.
  • The Venusian Constitution and Bill of Rights, to help you avoid breaking Venusian law.
  • A transcript of the Declaration of Ownership – the document filed with the USA and Russia along with the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 in which Dennis M. Hope first laid claim to Venus.

Q. If people ever live on Venus will I be able to sell my land and make some money? A. Once you have bought and registered your Acre of Land on Venus it is yours to do with as you will. The deed even has a transfer of ownership section for you to pass the rights to someone else.

Q. If I want to buy a piece of land for my dad, do I have to enter his details in the ordering page on the website or is there somewhere else this is entered? A. The deeds can be written by hand or they can be sent to MoonEstates for personalisation, either way is legal.

Q. Which of the planetary properties available has the most valuable known minerals on? A. It is hard to say which of the planets is richest in minerals because only a tiny proportion of each body has been studied by our spacecraft and then only very near to the surface. We do know that many minerals are to be found on the Moon, including Gold and Platinum, but it impossible for us to say the quantities or location.


Did You Know...

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and closest to Earth.

It is thought that the surface of Venus is only about 800 million years old.

Venus revolves around the Sun at a mean distance of about 67 million miles (107 million km) in a nearly circular orbit, and its period of revolution is about 225 days. It comes closer to the Earth than any other planet, being about 26 million miles (42 million km) away at inferior conjunction.

Astronauts can not land on Venus because its clouds trap the Sun's heat, making it even hotter than Mercury. U.S. and Soviet space probes have indicated a surface temperature of about 890F (475C) and an atmospheric pressure as great as 100 times that at the Earth's surface.

Venus can be easily seen from Earth. Except for the Moon, it is the brightest object in the sky.

Since the greatest angle made between the Sun, the Earth, and Venus is 47 degrees, it can never be seen much longer than 3 hr after sunset or 3 hr before sunrise.


Also – check out our ‘Acre of Land on the Moon' and ‘Acre of Land on Mars'! Why not get all 3 for that hard to buy for person?


Venutian Deed

The Venutian Site Map shows you where, on Venus, your property is located

The Venutian Constitution and Bill of Rights which details the Venutian Laws, your rights, and of course, the all important laws of THE BIG CHEESE

A transcript of the Declaration of Ownership. This is the document filed with the governments of the USA and Russia (then the USSR) along with the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 in which Dennis M. Hope - The Big Cheese - first laid claim to Venus

A document with details of the Mineral Rights to your land

Postage Paid Registration Card

How it works:

In 1980, an American called Dennis Hope now known as ‘The Head Cheese' claimed the Moon and all other planets and moons in the solar system. The declaration of ownership was initially filed at the San Francisco, and then submitted to the U.S.A., the former U.S.S.R. and the general assembly of the United Nations. This was lodged on the 22nd of November 1980. Based on the Homestead Act of 1862 if not contested the land becomes property of the persons submitting the Declaration of Ownership. Based on this the land, for all intents and purposes, became the property of Dennis Hope. The land is now being resold to you by Dennis Hope through us.


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