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Making the Perfect Gaming Set Up

By BoysStuff on 21st November 2018

Making the Perfect Gaming Set Up At – the “home of the man cave” we ponder daily about how to improve the work life balance. Ok - we ponder daily about how to do less work and live more life!  ...


By BoysStuff on 4th November 2018

Its that time of the year again and the challenge is to buy something special for family and friends at Christmas. The pressure is on as the clock ticks buy. We have all felt the pressure that we need to buy something. We cannot be sitting around the Christmas tree with no gift to present to that family member or friend. We have all been guilty at one time or another of literally buying something out of sheer desperation because we’ve run out of time, ideas or budget! Our general advice, learn from your previous experiences: Write a list of hobbies and interests for each individual. Establish a budgeted spend for each individual. Do your research –...

Caring For Your Gaming Chair!

By BoysStuff on 1st November 2018

It is stating the obvious but the better you care for your gaming chair the longer it lasts! It is also stating a fact that on rare occasions things will go wrong with gaming chairs that are not the fault of the gamer – ie a manufacturing fault. If it is a manufacturing fault and you are still within warranty then you should politely contact your retailer for assistance. Rest assured that being polite, honest and assertive will more likely reap the response you desire from the r...