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BraZen Sentinel Elite PC Gaming Chair & BraZen Salute PC Gaming Chair: Perfect Office Chairs for Working From Home

By BoysStuff on 19th May 2020

BraZen has recently launched their newest range of PC Gaming and Office Chairs: BraZen Sentinel Elite PC Gaming Chair and BraZen Salute PC Gaming Chair. The stocks recently landed in the Boysstuff warehouse and, within days, are already selling fast. This is expected, given the perfect combination of current circumstances in the light of ‘working from home’ and BraZen’s ability to provide customer-dreamt chairs as part of their No Compromise...

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Lockdown Covid-19: Just A Quick Hello From Us

By BoysStuff on 22nd April 2020

A 3-week lockdown extension has been announced recently. How are you Gamers holding up? The extension of self-isolation might have made you all feel frustrated, which is totally understandable. We truly empathise with everyone who feel frustrated at being stuck at home and unable to go outside. However, from a different perspective, we will come out of lockdown as better versions of ourselves for having endured this uncertain period and, perhaps, found new interests. And you, Gamers, are probably the pre-existing community that survives this isolation best. Ga...

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BraZen Esports Pro New Ranges; Gaming Accessories to Perfect Your Setup

By BoysStuff on 20th March 2020

Our partner BraZen Gaming Chairs has recently launched a variety of gaming accessories to complete a full setup of a BraZen gaming room.  This has proven just how connected the brand is with their consumers. The launch of these new products have been a response to the growing demand for high-quality gaming accessories, from a gaming table to a floor mat, in order to complement their consumers’ gaming experience. Their new products include BraZen Esports PRO RGB Gaming Head...

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