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By BoysStuff on 22nd August 2019

BraZen Gaming Chairs are official sponsors to the very successful Streamcon 2019 Event. This was Druid Gaming's first major event but walking into Metronome you would not have known. They managed to attract a significant number of guests over the weekend, all of whom had a fantastic time and stayed from start to finish. The feedback was flooding in throughout the event and over the days that followed showing just how good an event was held. Many guests have even been asking how soon we will be back! The contrast of the relaxi...

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Best Gaming Chair 2019 by T3.Com

By BoysStuff on 10th July 2019

A guide to choose the perfect gaming chair for you New to the gaming community? Consider yourself a veteran in gaming? Whatever level of expertise you place yourself at, here at Boysstuff we have a gaming chair that will suit your needs. There are many different gaming chairs tailored towards PC gaming, as well as playing games on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, with size, build material (such as leather), and feature sets differing. When buying a gaming chair, look out for the differing levels of comfort ...

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By BoysStuff on 1st July 2019

Announcement time! The winner of our BraZen Stag 2.1 Gaming Chair Give Away competition (in collaboration with BraZen Gaming Chairs) has been announced on Friday 28 June 2019 on our Facebook Page as set out on the competition Terms and Conditions. BraZen Stag 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair itself is our best selling and has been updated for 2019. It now h...

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