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Best Gaming Chairs 2019 by Gadget Reviews

By BoysStuff on 24th June 2019

Facing a dilemma in choosing a gaming chair perfect for you? This review by Gadget Reviews might come handy to help deciding. This independent piece is written by Sinestro, a gamer with 20 years of experience on his quest to find the Perfect Gaming Chair – this is certainly an ultimate guide for Gamers. The review thoroughly looks at every single detail regarding the pros and cons of each chair, including the Frequently Asked Questions about each chair.   Two of our gaming chairs, ...


By BoysStuff on 19th June 2019

Boysstuff has always been known to be the largest supplier in gaming chairs. We provide big, reputable brands in our store such as BraZen, Playseat, Ak Racing, Nitro Concepts and more. And, to be on top of the game, we always do our best to provide customers with their latest best collections. So please welcome the additional member to the AK Racing collections: the Octane Series! ...

New Addition in Nitro Concepts Gaming Chair Collection – Nitro Concepts S300 Stealth Gaming Chair

By BoysStuff on 14th June 2019

It is part of Boysstuff's mission to provide our valuable customers with broad choices of the best gaming chairs in the market. Those big brands in our store are constantly innovating their products to cater customers' needs. And our newest arrival in Boysstuff is the Nitro Concepts S300 Stealth Gaming Chair! Make the best even better with an imitation leather cover, instead of fabric, and a new design! The S300 EX is Nitro Concepts’ latest addition to the range of great gaming chairs, combining optimum ergonomics with an extravagant racing look in classy colours.  Nitro Concepts also offers an...