We are at the start of a journey and fully intent to focus on key areas where we can make a difference:

  • Responsible Timber Sourcing
    As a furniture manufacturer many of our products include the use of wood.  To avoid contributing to deforestation we seek to trace our timber, where appropriate, back to forest level and selecting well managed routes/sources, as well as using recycled wood where possible.

  • Responsible Textile Sourcing
    Our choice of materials matter.  We are keen to ensure that two of our key textiles - cotton and polyester - create less environmental impact.  Specifically we attempt to source from sustainable sources (certified organic or recycled).

  • Responsible Packaging
    There is a delicate balance between protecting our products in transit to prevent damage (which creates waste) and over packaging (which creates waste).  Our plan is to eliminate all unnecessary plastic from our packaging, and ensure that what we do use is recycled and recyclable.

  • Responsible Repair and End Of Life
    By design we aim to ensure that where possible our products can be repaired with the simple replacement of a faulty/accidentally damaged part rather than throwing away of the whole product.

    We have invested in return operations in order to repurpose, refurbish and recycle pre-loved products.